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  • 9 Inspiring Ways to style your throw blanket - from our community

    7 min read

    Basotho heritage throw blanket draped over the back of a outdoor chair in front of a fire

    Throws add color, texture, and dimension to any living space. A throw can be seen as the finishing touch that defines your personality and most definitely your appreciation for creative styling.

    By adding a throw to any living area in a home, you add a creative edge to that space and make the throw accessible for use, either by your own family or by your guests. Throws have a comforting and calming effect on people, both by simply admiring the fabric and design as well as using them to drape over your legs or snuggle under while you watch a good movie. 

    Styling a throw in your home can be a head-scratcher for some, so to kickstart your creative juices, we will look at different ways a throw can add that extra dimension to any living space in your home. 

    Giraffe throw blanket lying on the dining table

    What is a Throw Blanket?

    Throw blankets are typically smaller than a conventional blanket and usually measure 1m by 1.5m but can be a bit bigger.

    It stands to reason that a throw is not intended to be used as a blanket to cover yourself while you sleep completely. But they can be used on top of your traditional blanket, duvet or comforter, to cover either your legs or midsection for that extra bit of warmth. 

    Throws are made from various fabrics that include cotton, wool, chenille, silk, and microfleece, a synthetic fabric. The durability or longevity of the throw will depend on the type of fabric and the type and frequency of use. If you use a throw at the foot of your bed or draped over a couch and your pets take a liking to it and use it to snuggle up to, then you will have to wash it a lot more often. Dogs tend to scratch a bit before they settle down, and this will add to wear and tear but boy do they cute the place up :)

    Not only does a throw add color and style to a living area, but they also offer some protection against the elements like UV rays streaming through your windows and general wear and tear caused by brushing against furniture pieces. On your bed, it will protect your bedding from your pets, but only if they prefer the softness and warmth of the throw.

    Whatever the intended use of your throw blanket, it will grow on you, and you may end up using it for much more than a display piece. Let’s look at how to style a throw blanket.

    Ways to Style a Throw Blanket.

    Styling a throw blanket should add color, texture, and warmth to a living area but in some homes, throw blankets can make that space look unkept if attention is not given to extenuating the aesthetics the throw could otherwise create.

    As mentioned, a throw adds the finishing touch to an already well-planned living area. There are several ways to style a throw in the different living areas.

    Throw Blankets on Your Bed.

    A throw blanket is functional in a bedroom because it adds color and texture to your bed. It’s also a quick grab-and-use item when you just need a bit of warmth and are not ready to slip under the covers just yet.

    Because of the size of a throw blanket, it may not look great stretched out over your bed. The sides and corners of your bed will still be exposed, and it may look like a sequel to the “Honey I shrunk the kids” movie; however, creative styling differs from person to person. 

    @chalovescafe shows us how she styles her room follow her for me awesome styling inspo

    So, what’s the best way to style a throw on your bed? 

    1. Use the bottom of your bed: You can either fold your throw by width or length and place it at the foot of your bed. It will look neat and will add that dash of color and texture to break the monotony of your main bedding without being too overpowering. Ideally, you do not have to fold your throw at all. Use the length of the throw to cover the width of your bed, and the throw will drape over the sides and corners of your bed while covering about a quarter to a third of the bottom of your bed.  
    2. Diagonal drape: Fold your throw in half and drape it over one corner of your bed. It will break the conventional lines of a made-up bed and attract attention. If you have a patterned top cover on your bed, choose a throw that compliments the colors but offers a different texture. You can use a mono-color throw to break the lines without distracting from the colors and patterns of your bed cover. 
    3. Layering:Having an array of pillows on your bed makes layering a breeze. The space that your pillows take up shortens the area for the throws. Here again, the length of your throw becomes the width of the bed, and you will use two throws layers on your bed cover. Drape the first neatly over your bed and use the second at a slightly different angle over the first throw. Be sure to use complimenting throws, matching the edges to still give you a pleasing look. The different designs, colors, and textures will bring your bed to life.
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      A post shared by ThulaTula | Blankets & Throws (@thulatulahome)

    4. Geometric shapes: You can use one or two throws to create interesting yet pleasing geometric shapes on your bed. One throw can be used to cover most of the exposed part of your bed, while the other can be used to break boxed lines by introducing a triangle at the bottom of your bed. 
    5. The top of your bed. Most beds have a headboard and this space hardly ever gets any attention. Try draping a throw over your headboard. If you have enough headboard height against a plain wall, then the full design of your throw will transform your bedroom space. Use simplistic throw colors or designs because being in a vertical position will automatically draw attention. 
    6. Wicker Baskets. Using wicker baskets in your home to round off the décor in your bedroom or living room creates a nice breathable space that can be used to store throw blankets for easy use.  Your throws can be neatly folded up and placed into the wicker basket or you can casually drop the throw into the basket and have it drape over the side. Either way, the color and texture of a wicker basket fit into most décor settings and whatever is stored in them will get plenty of fresh air.
    7. The blanket ladder: The blanket ladder has gained a huge popularity  in recent years, and for good reason. The blanket ladder is a clean, easy and super stylish way to show off your favorite throw or blanket. It ads the finishing touches or even central focal point to just about any room.
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      A post shared by ThulaTula | Blankets & Throws (@thulatulahome)

    Throw Blankets in The Living Room.

    1. On a Couch.

    2. The most common way to use a throw blanket in the living room is to drape it over the back of your couch, but you must pay attention to the front of the couch. Too much throw over the front may look like an afterthought. Cover enough of the front of the couch to not overlap the space taken up by your scatter cushions. The rest of the throw will drape over the back of the couch.

      Fold your throw in half and drape it diagonally over one corner of your couch. You might even try and drape the throw over one side of your couch to break the long rectangular shape. Draped it over the back and let it loosely cascade down the front over the seating area. A scatter cushion over the throw will break the separation of shapes and give a more pleasing rounded feel.

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      A post shared by ThulaTula | Blankets & Throws (@thulatulahome)

    3. On a Single Chair.

    4. The back or armrest of the chair can both be used to flaunt your throw. However, single chairs are usually a purpose purchase to define the décor of the room. 

      A single chair can be set in the entrance portal to your home, and the chair will be the main focal point, so draping a throw over it from the back may not be the look you want. But, a throw neatly folded and placed over one armrest may enhance and finish the elegant look you’re after.

      To achieve an aesthetically pleasing look, fold your throw so that it can be neatly placed over one armrest without breaching the seating area or going all the way to the floor. Your throw shouldn’t cover the whole armrest either.

      There are no hard and fast rules on how to dress a single chair with a throw. The neatly folded-up look can be pleasing to the eye, but is it inviting? The style and design of the chair matter but at times, using a throw based on its name can often deliver surprising results. Simply throw your throw blanket over a part of the chair and adjust the result for a more organic balanced look.

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      A post shared by ThulaTula | Blankets & Throws (@thulatulahome)


    There is so much more to throw blankets than meets the eye. They create ambiance in your home and warmth when you need it. They are almost like that secret ingredient that makes your home more homely and inviting.

    As we have seen, throws are multi-functional and a definite asset in any home. There are numerous colors and designs to choose from, and each fabric type will offer different textures on top of that. Throws create a unique shopping experience, and your purchase will transform your home for the better.

    Working out how your throws should be used in your home décor setup is another exciting adventure that will provide results. Although there are some basic rules to follow, they are not set in stone, and creativity has no bounds. Enjoy experimenting with different ways to use your throws in your home, and when you come up with something that resonates with you, you can chalk it up as a success. 

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