Cleaning and caring for your blankets

Grubby little fingers are everywhere :)

We get it! You want your blanket to stay awesome all the time, but then life (and little fingers) get in the way. Well, your Thula Tula blanket is up to the task. First off, your blankets is made from the very finest wool and fibers. Our factory in South Africa has been doing this for 67 years, they know how to make an exceptional blanket that repels dirt and liquid. For normal use, we recommend only washing once a year. When it's wash time here are a few tips to get you on your way.

Machine washing

We recommend Hand Wash or dry clean for all wool based blankets, if you have the time. However, who has the time these days so if you are going to machine wash your wool blanket follow the tips below. For spills spot clean it with a warm, wet cloth.

Cold Wash

For all wool based blankets use a cold wash and rinse. Wash separately or with similar colors


Use a very mild wool specific detergent. Do not use bleach, We recommend using Laundress

Hang Dry

Line, Hang dry or lay flat. We do not recommend tumble dry as the heat will shrink and damage your blanket.

No ironing

Do not iron! It will burn the fibers of your blanket. Especially the Basotho Blanket. With the right care will be in your family for generations

Handwash The African Way

Salt is a great stain remover and natural softener (unlike washing powder and detergents) for blankets and keeps the colours bright.. It is also environmentally friendly! It is perfect for caring for your Basotho blanket.

Cold water

Fill a bath tub with cold water to the quarter mark


Pour a cup of course salt into the water.


Submerge your blanket into the water and allow it to soak for at least 30 minutes.

Wash and rinse

Wash it with your hands then drain out all the water. Pour enough cold water to almost cover the blanket to rinse. Gently squeeze out water and hang to dry