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Cleaning and caring for your blankets

Grubby little fingers are everywhere :)

We get it! You want your blanket to stay awesome all the time, but then life (and little fingers) get in the way. Well, your Thula Tula blanket is up to the task. First off, your blankets is made from the very finest wool and fibers. Our factory in South Africa has been doing this for 67 years, they know how to make an exceptional blanket that repels dirt and liquid. For normal use, we recommend only washing once a year. When it's wash time here are a few tips to get you on your way.

Cold Wash

For all wool-based blankets, use a cold wash and rinse. Wash separately or with similar colors


Use a very mild wool-specific detergent. Do not use bleach; We recommend using Laundress

Hang Dry

Line, Hang dry, or lay flat. We do not recommend tumble dry as the heat will shrink and damage your blanket

No ironing

Do not iron! It will burn the fibers of your blanket. Especially the Basotho Blanket. With the proper care will be in your family for generations

Cold water

Fill a bath tub with cold water to the quarter mark


Pour a cup of course salt into the water.


Submerge your blanket into the water and allow it to soak for at least 30 minutes.

Wash and rinse

Wash it with your hands then drain out all the water. Pour enough cold water to almost cover the blanket to rinse. Gently squeeze out water and hang to dry

Based on 156 reviews
Beautiful gift

My friend was ecstatic about it. Thanks!!

Maasai Shuka Throw
Lynne P. (Wilmington, US)
Love this throw

I love the Maasai Shuka throw so much. It’s very soft and comfortable and the colors are vibrant. The perfect touch in any room.

Mali Mud Cloth Blanket
Franny (Queens, US)
Beautiful blanket!

Love this blanket. Unexpected color combo of mink/cream is so modern. Most mud cloth I have seen is black and white. I have it on my king size bed and it fits nicely although there is not much overhang. Makes it easier to make the bed.

Congo Kuba Throw
Kathryn B. (Mantua, US)
Culture, Style and Comfort

I LOVE my Congo Kuba Throw. It's beautiful, super comfortable and cozy, and knowing the story of the throw makes me love it even more. It's always better to make a difference while you buy!

Congo Kuba Throw
Franny (Queens, US)
Love this throw!!!

This throw is so beautiful. I have it in the end of my bed and it looks amazing. Fits right in with my decor.

Xhosa Stripe Throw
Lauren S. (Naperville, US)
Gorgeous throw blanket

So happy with my new blanket. It is soft and cozy While also being chic and stylish!


It is beautiful! Looks fabulous with my decor and so soft and cozy! Excellent quality!

Congo Kuba Throw
Theresa A.R. (Lansing, US)

I received my Congo Kuba blanket a few days ago and I just love it! The fabric is thick and so soft. It's of excellent quality and well made in terms of stitching and the Kuba pattern. The ordering and shipping process was smooth and timely. I will definitely buy from Thula Tula again. I also love that they are helping the artists of Africa.

Lyric Throw
Tetje L.D. (Pen Argyl, US)

I love this throw. It’s so cozy and soft. Everyone in our home fights over it.

Xhosa Stripe Throw
Mindy W. (Queen Creek, US)
So soft and excellent quality

This is the softest throw I’ve ever owned! I am so impressed with the quality of this blanket. I couldn’t be happier with the attention to detail!

Heirloom Basotho Wool Blanket - Salmon
Phyllis M. (Youngsville, US)
My first Blanket purchase from you

Fell in love with this blanket and share the purchase with others ; was so pleased with it, I've purchased several more as gifts for my family. Very soft and warm,easy to care for.

Mudcloth Throw
Char D. (San Jose, US)
Love The Mudcloth Throw

I love the design, the feel, and; the warmth of my Mudcloth Throw!

I highly recommend the Throws and Blankets from Thula Tula.


Xhosa Stripe Throw
Wendy S. (Lutz, US)
Beautiful, High Quality and Craftmanship

I chose the Xhosa Stripe pattern because I wanted something that was going to pop and catch my eye, and work well with my cottage-farmhouse style.

 I could not be more pleased with the high quality and craftsmanship.

Beautiful blanket

Sent as a birthday gift and the recipient loved it. The Thula folks were super helpful and responsive with special shipping requests

Congo Kuba Throw
Arrie F. (Norfolk, US)

The throw is beautiful, love the color; I accidentally ordered 2 and was going to return 1 but after my husband and I saw the throw; we decided to keep both. I thought I was ordering this one plus a black and white one. I am really enjoying this throw and it looks great in my room.

Brush Strokes Throw
Mindy W. (Queen Creek, US)
Beautifully made and quality materials

This blanket is so soft and warm-handcrafted with such care & detail. I couldn’t be happier with with the quality of this product!

Very warm! Amazing Blankets!

Mali Mud Cloth Blanket
Phyllis M. (Lafayette, US)
Keeps me warm

I love this blanket, it really keeps me warm. I do not keep my central heating on at night, and this blanket is all the cover I need.

Maasai Shuka Throw
Linda T. (Clarksville, US)
Maasai Shula Throw

My son love the red and blue colors it’s very soft.

Mudcloth Throw
Jackki f.T. (Houston, US)
Simply Beautiful!

This throw is Stunning! Represents very well re: my African Decor. It is very soft and just gorgeous. I also like that this purchase is helping the people in Africa. Keep on keeping on.

African Giraffe Throw and Blanket
Jim B. (Arkadelphia, US)

African Giraffe Throw and Blanket

Congo Kuba Throw
Susan I. (Valley Springs, US)
Different fabric

Just can't hold a candle to my Mud Cloth blanket that I LOVE!

Hi Susan - I love the Mali Mud Cloth blanket as well. It's my favorite blanket we have!
The Mud Cloth Throw from this review, is priced much lower than the blanket due to the different materials and much smaller size.

Congo Kuba Throw
Joan H. (Severna Park, US)

The Kuba Cloth Throw is the softest. The only throw that I have that I can completely wrap myself in.


Beautiful & well made!! My favorite by far!! So happy & proud of the Basotho Heritage Blanket!! I appreciate learning about the rich history!

Mudcloth Throw
Ell (Sydney, AU)
Best throw

I just got the Mudcloth throw yesterday and it was very warm and a very good blanket