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  • Hey there, we're Thula Tula

    Kobo Ke Bophelo (The blanket is life)

    Get to know the inspiring story behind Thula Tula! Read the personal tale about how we began our mission of providing well-paid, meaningful jobs for those in need.

    who we are

    We have four principles that guide us through all we do.

    Make a Difference

    To give back to the communities that raised us. To inspire others to do the same and to show our daughter, Venice, she can make a difference.

    Honesty & transparency

    Operate on honesty, transparency, and a sincere desire to want to improve just one life. We want you to know that every product we sell directly benefits an underserved community.

    Happiness in comfort

    Your Comfort is our top priority. We want Thula Tula to give you the feeling you had when you were a kid wrapped up safe, comfy, and without a care in the world. If we missed the mark, let us know.

    Incredible Service

    We want to provide you with not only an incredibly unique and authentic product. We also want to provide you with service second to none.

    what makes Thula tula different

    Thula Tula, is here to make a difference. Not only in your life, but someone else's too. We provide the finest ethically and sustainably produced products but, we are the sole supplier of the original Basotho blanket with permission from the Basotho Nation. We are a 100% direct-to-consumer "Loom To You" model to pass savings to you..