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  • 5 Stylish and Versatile African Blanket Throws

    5 min read

    Kids plush dinosaur blanket for kids

    From heritage to kids throws these African Blanket Throws will blow your mind.

    Beautifully crafted African-inspired blankets and throws are a wish list item for many people across the world.

    Whether it’s a reminder of that great safari that took you on a journey through the African bush to the wide expanse of savanna grasslands or if it’s just you connecting with your ancestral roots, you’ll find a connection in the harmonious use of colors and patterns that transcend borders and oceans. 

    Come on a brief virtual journey with me where together we can explore how a touch of Africa can add warmth, comfort, and a slight spray of color to your home. The message that carried through is the practical and inspirational use of throws that bring to life clean simple styling that connects you to your home. 

    Basotho Heritage Blanket Throw

    This top-of-the-range Basotho blanket folded neatly at the bottom of the bed draws attention to the symmetrical design which beckons you to reach out and touch it.

    Made from Marino wool, you will be pleased with the super-soft feel and will be delighted with how well it regulates your sleep temperature.

    It’s never been easier to create that wow factor that just keeps on wowing you. It’s no wonder the Basotho people of Lesotho are such a happy nation despite their extremely cold winters in the mountains. 

    Basotho Heritage Blanket Throw black and white on bed with baby

    Mali suede cotton mud cloth blanket throw

    Mali suede cotton mud cloth blanket throws have a plush feel to them and the reversible color simplicity in association with the repetitions in the design offers endless styling ideas where the minimalist will feel right at home.

    These Mali suede cotton mud cloth blanket throws are luxurious but are also a great practical choice from an improved sleep perspective which is largely due to the breathability of the fabric.

    Mali mud cloth is available in this rich earth color which serves as the foundation for its intricate yet simplistic design.

    The suede texture of the blanket gives it an extravagant look that is matched with its softness. Being reversible, you can change the aesthetics of your bedroom by simply flipping the blanket over.

    The underside of the blanket has a white base with an earth color pattern which makes for greater versatility and creative expression when styling your home.

    Mali mud cloth throws come in different designs and although suede has a different texture to conventional Mali mud cloth the common theme is softness, use, and styling versatility.

    The fabric is geared to providing warmth and comfort which in Africa is the benchmark for most blanket creations.

    Mali suede cotton mud cloth blanket throw lying on a couch

    Congolese Kuba Cloth blanket wrap.

    Congolese Kuba cloth blanket wraps boast strong earth-colored designs that transform any setting into an invitation to stay. Here again, the simplicity and use of color make styling easy.

    You can drape the blanket over a corner of your bed or fold it over the entire bottom of the bed and have the tasseled edge break the strong horizontal lines at the foot of the bed.

    The darker colors give the impression that the blanket is heavy but in reality, it’s lightweight and very comfortable.

    Congolese kuba cloth throw on bed

    This image spells out some of the features of Kuba cloth blankets. You will notice that the inside of the blanket has a more subdued version of the outer pattern with its bolder clay and coffee colors.

    Use this to your advantage when styling the blanket over your bed or in your living room but most of all enjoy the comfort like the couple in the image below.

    There is nothing better than laying back with your loved one in your arms under a soft cozy Kuba cloth blanket.

    Often overlooked is the intended function of blankets. They are made to keep you warm and should be comfortable.

    When you close your eyes and drift off your Kuba blanket will maintain your unique snooze or sleep temperature and this is a part of the quality of Kuba cloth that must be experienced to be appreciated. 

    Congo Kuba Cloth Throw

    Africa Inspired Kids Blanket.

    Children love bright colors, superheroes, fairy tales, and animals, but more the animated type.

    This animated elephant kids blanket or bed cover has recurring elephant graphics repeated over different subdued color panels and is easy on the eye. promotes relaxation.

    kids plush suede elephant blanket

    Ultra-soft and lightweight, these breathable blankets are super comfortable and promote relaxation which makes the task of getting your little one to settle down a lot easier.

    Here is another version of kid’s animal printed graphics against a white background. Placement and color use rounds off the blanket design very nicely.

    Kids Serengeti printed plush throw

    Plush toys are an extension of the plush feel of these lightweight breathable blankets. The subtle colors help with wind-down time and the thermoregulatory characteristic of the fabric will ensure an uninterrupted night’s sleep for your child.

    This African-inspired magic dinosaur plush blanket features a beautiful crowned pony against a predominantly pink starry background that fades from cloudy white at the bottom to light blue at the top.

    Plush kids dinosaur woven print dinosaur fun on bed

    Besides connecting children to their vivid imaginations these lightweight plush blankets create a heavenly sleep environment where quality sleep is the norm.

    Children enjoy inviting friends to play in their bedrooms and these plush blankets may initiate more sleepovers than you can handle. Be warned.

    Lyric Wrap Blanket Throw.

    This Lyric-Teal-and-Dusty-Turquoise-Wrap-Blanket-Throw is a great indoor/outdoor companion for those chilly days.

    These throws come in different hues of a single color as well as a combination of two colors and both versions are visually pleasing.

    A hammock may not be ideal for the older generation but you can still nab the throw from the living room and use it as a knee wrap while you enjoy the outdoors. 

    Lyric throws also make the ideal picnic blanket as they are pet friendly and washing them is a breeze; just pop it into the washing machine but do read the washing inductions on the label first. 

    Lyric wrap blanket throw young child in hammock with lyric throw

    A factual snippet about Africa.

    Many people relate Africa with endless wars and poverty. From the surface, it may seem this way until you begin understanding the culture of the many nations of this magical continent.

    Very little has been able to influence the ties that Africans have to mother earth and their communities. 

    Heritage, traditions, and cultures have been shaped over thousands of years and whatever they create must have a meaningful purpose. The best of everything is first offered to kings, chiefs, and other royalty.

    Ancestors are always revered and respected and the life of every person is celebrated through the many milestones we all celebrate.

    Blankets form part of the visual wealth of many African nations and their virtues are engraved in each unique blanket design.

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