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  • 12 Inspiring, gorgeous and comfy African throws for a couch

    6 min read

    Xhosa Tribal african black and white striped blanket lying on a couch in African home

    Here are our best picks for African Inspired throws for a couch

    Did you know:  All the blankets below are sustainably and ethically crafted in Africa using unionized labor. Utilizing low-impact and socially responsible practices and is adherent to, and proudly exceeds, the most stringent worker friendly regulations in the world. Making them perfect throws for a couch  

    You red headed child on a maasai warrior blue and red tartan blanket

    African throws for a couch The perfect add on to any décor even outside spaces

    Throws are often an add-on to décor ideas where different textures and colors become necessary to break the blandness of bulky monotonous furniture pieces or perhaps it’s just a splash of color that’s needed to accentuate a piece of furniture like a single chair. All below are perfect throws for a couch

    Either way, creating a specific look is all fine and well but there must be a practical use or reason that motivates your creativity.

    Authentic African blankets and throws are a designer’s best friend because they offer a multitude of textures, colors, and patterns, but most importantly they provide function especially during those cold spells.  

    A blanket throw for a couch is a very easy way to simultaneously add warmth and function to your living room.

    The beauty about African blanket throws is their decorative appeal but above that, it is the natural elements used to create these aesthetically pleasing indigenous creations that add real value.

    To give you a visual perspective of how African blankets and throws add a decorative touch to your living space while also being at hand to keep you warm, we’ve included a dozen illustrations below that may inspire you to explore the soft comfort of African blankets and throws wrapped in love and warmth. 

    salmon Basotho heritage blanket on the back of chair in backyard

    The Basotho blanket is a must on every homes couch

    This Basotho Heritage Blanket’s salmon color is pronounced by darker shades that make up recurring geometric patterns around centralized motifs and the distinct widely spaced thin blue lines might appear contrast but they do draw the exterior into the blanket design and are perfectthrows for a couch

    Made from Marino wool these blankets are super soft and will keep you warm without overheating. Basotho Heritage Blankets are available in different colors and designs depicting different motives but a constant is an obvious pinstripe that symbolizes growth.

    Basotho Heritage blankets kharetsa salmon color sitting on couch

    Ghanaian Kente Cloth Throw is perfect to add that understated splash of color to any room

    Kente cloth throws have a weave style inspired by the strength, beauty, and functionality of a spider’s web. 

    The harmony captured in the throw design filters into the room and its casual placement breaks the hard edges of the couch that lead you into a seamless comfort zone. 

    The cushion and throw complement each other creating the perfect place to snuggle up on a cold day making these, you guessed it perfectthrows for a couch. Can you resist this spider web?

    Ghana kente yellow and grey throw on a white couch

    Maasai Warrior Blanket wrap is a great addition to add some African Maasai flair to your home

    The Maasai warrior nation of East Africa is an extremely proud nation. Their dress code is punctuated in bright red with blue and other less obvious colors. 

    The lightweight Maasai Warrior Blanket wrap is the perfect throw to mesh into a monotoned living room but because it’s an attention grabber, snuggling up will most likely be on a first come first serve basis. Making this the on of our favorite throws for a couch.

    the maasai shuka tartan royal blue and red tartan throw

    Mali Suede Cotton Mud Cloth Blanket Throw is perfect if you are looking for a geometric pattern with beautiful coloring

    The beauty about detailed designs like this beautiful Mali Mud Cloth throw is that you can arrange the design through folds and tucks to lead your eye into the setting. 

    The strong earth colors of the top are reversed on the bottom of the throw which when slightly folded softens the high contrast between dark and light. 

    The softness and comfort that Mali suede cotton mud cloth brings into a home will make you breathe a lot easier. 

    Mali Mud cloth throw and blanket for couch

    Mali Mud Cloth throw: The compact version of the blanket above

    This Mali Mud Cloth throw design gives off an urban ethnic feel with its white cityscape lines and brown earth tones that will compliment any use of wood like the wooden chair frame. 

    Made from breathable cotton Mali Mud Cloth throws are soft and luxurious, the perfect partner to relax with on a cold afternoon in the city.

    mali mudcloth throw on couch

    South African Xhosa Stripe Blanket Throw. Perfect throw for a couch

    This simplistic black and white striped design could be from anywhere in the world but because it’s a Xhosa striped throw you can rest assured that the quality will be exceptional. 

    When draped this striped throw creates many different geometrical illusions that will refresh your living space day after day. 

    As far as comfort is concerned, the softness will invite you in and it’s big enough for two if your couch is big enough and you have a generous heart. 

    xhosa couch throw black and white striped

    South African Xhosa Stripe Blanket Throw.

    I just had to emphasize how altering the geometrical shapes of the Xhosa striped throw can change the look of a setting. 

    You will notice that black was the dominant color in the previous image because of the dark couch but in this image, white features more prominently. 

    I’m sure you will agree that the Xhosa striped throw is indeed versatile and will blend into almost any setting.

    xhosa throw on couch black and white

    South African Ndebele Blanket Throw.

    This cultural masterpiece displays the rich heritage of the Ndebele people where the design and use of bright colors have great meaning and significance to this colorful nation. 

    It will draw attention and a flurry of questions to which you must redirect the inquiry to the soft comfort and warmth that is presented by a loving steadfast nation. 

    Ndebele throw for couch geometric multi color throw

    South African Thula Tula Protea Blanket Throw.

    Here is a fine example where just a dab of color is all you need. The Protea pinstripe blanket throw is named after South Africa’s national flower, the protea. 

    Lightweight and very soft, the Protea Pinstripe will keep you warm and cozy on your couch.

    When you finally decide to stop hibernating, simply drape your favorite throw over the couch and you’ll recreate that designer look which is always a welcome to come home to.

    protea pinstripe throw for couch

    South African Brush Stroke Blanket Throw for your couch

    A picture is worth a thousand words and this brushstroke throw is a fine example of how the warmth of blankets and throws bring families together. 

    The brush stroke design is understated and yet it still turns heads. 

    Neutral colors like this can be used in any setting for both decorative and functional purposes. 

     brush strokes throw for couch

    African Zebra Print Blanket Throw for a couch

    Animal print throws are always a winner because they are essentially a piece of nature in raw form. 

    Zebra print throws for a couch will break static geometrical lines and bring a completely new dimension and feel to any setting. 

    The emphasis is strongly placed on light and dark and zebra print has a natural flow of unique lines that taper off towards the sides. 

    Here too, draping the throw differently will create a different mood but it’s the comfort experience that will make this throw a permanent fixture on your couch. 

    zebra animal print woven throw for couch

    Giraffe Print Blanket Throw

    Giraffe print throws brings out the richness of mother earth that can be quite hypnotic in a good sense. 

    The print design invites you in but once enveloped in nature’s grasp you will surrender to its soft touch and beauty.


    Animal print designs break the stereotypical architectural hardness embedded in every home creating a sense of flow and harmony that connects your heart with your home.

    African giraffe throw for couch woven not printed

    African blankets and throw for a couch stem from a continent where its people found inspiration that ignited their creativity through their connection with nature and their interaction with the outside world. 

    The messages depicted in African blanket throw designs make use of shapes and colors to tell a virtuous story and this is something that has been a constant creative feature throughout the history of the African people. 

    Below are more great article you can learn about the individual African blankets and throws for your home.

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