Soft Merino Wool Blankets

The Basotho African Merino Wool Blankets

The ultimate African Wool Merino Wool Blankets

The ultimate Merino Wool Blankets. The Basotho blanket is a beautiful Merino Wool Blanket. It has been used for centuries, as it is to this day in the cold, windswept Mountains of Lesotho by the herdsboys and Lesotho royalty alike. This merino wool blanket was made for keeping you toasty warm and comfy. It is woven the same way it has been for over a century from Merino Wool and more recently added acrylic and has a self-cleaning quality and extra thickness that repels rain, dirt, and wind making them the perfect blanket. It is perfect for around the campfire as the wool naturally repels the smell of smoke and is a natural flame retardant nature of the finest Merino Wool 

Merino wool blanket used on the beach in front of campfire