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  • Blanket throw for the bed: These African Tribal Blankets are perfect for any bedroom

    3 min read

    The Ideal African Blanket Throw for Your Bedroom:

    The Ideal African Blanket Throw for Your Bedroom:

    Bedrooms are styled and furnished to meet personal "quality sleep" requirements, and blanket throws play an essential role in your mental preparation for sleep.  

    Blanket Throw for the Bed: These African Tribal Blankets are Perfect for Any Bed | Thula Tula

    Blanket throws may be viewed as decorative bedding accessories like the many decorative cushions stacked at the top of a bed. Preparing for a good night's sleep is equally as crucial as your bedding choices, sleep attire, noise and light control, and temperature control. All these elements come together to support quality sleep, night after night.

    Blanket Throw for the Bed : The Heirloom Basotho Wool Blanket Throw

    Basotho Merino wool blanket throws are the pick of the litter as far as functionality and style are concerned. 

    Wool is the natural fiber that efficiently and effectively regulates your body temperature while sleeping, allowing you to sleep uninterrupted for the recommended 8-9 hours per night.

    Stylish decadence to warm your soul Heirloom Basotho Wool Blanket Throws come in various colors and designs to suit your styling preference. 

    Embedded in each Basotho wool blanket throw are the many characteristics of authentic wool that invite you to bed like clockwork. Meet the day in your own way. 

    The heirloom range of Basotho wool blanket throws adds a splash of color to your bedroom that beckons you to stay, and you can rest assured knowing that your Basotho blanket throw is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and temperature regulating. 

    Enjoy the sanctity of your bedroom and appreciate the feeling of tranquility and harmony of this endless moment. 

    This is your time and space where you can put aside life's stresses and recharge so you can meet tomorrow's challenges with a fresh mind. 

    women wrapped in Basotho blanket

    Blanket Throw for the Bed: We haven't forgotten about the kids.

    Basotho wool blanket throws have so much to offer that promote quality sleep, and as a family-run business, we thought of the children too. Kids love animated impressions of wild animals and superheroes, and although superheroes change like bubble gum flavors, wild animals are always in season. 

    Africa-inspired kid blanket throws. Soft on-the-eye animations.

    The softness of these animated African print blanket throws lies in the use of soft pastel colors and the authentic Merino wool that Basotho heritage blanket throws are renowned for. 

    For the children, these blanket throws will be used as full bed coverings that are super soft and cuddly. 

    Here too, your children need to develop sound sleep habits that will support their lively, active days. 

    By creating an ideal sleep environment for your children, you are directly contributing to their mental well-being. 

    Lightweight and Breathable Subtle colors and the soft plush feel of these blanket throws help with wind-down time, and being surrounded by these comfy Basotho wool blanket throws much like mom's warm embrace. 

    The thermoregulatory characteristic of the fabric will ensure peaceful nights of quality sleep.

    Blanket Throw for the Bed: The Basotho authentic Merino wool blanket throws.

    The bedrock of a nation

    The Basotho nation of Lesotho lives in a mountainous kingdom where protection from cold winter winds and the icy conditions is essential. 

    Merino wool is a durable, naturally sustainable product that meets all the "protection" requirements of this proud blanket-wearing African nation.

    Merino wool that enriches the value of Basotho wool blanket throws through the following benefits:

    • Controls body temperature by keeping you warm when cold and cool when hot.
    • No static electricity build-up.
    • Odor resistant.
    • Easy to clean
    • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic
    • Flame resistant.
    • Protects against UV rays.
    • Mold and mildew resistant.
    • Moisture is resistant to up to 30% of its weight. Wicking is wool's primary natural method of moisture control.
    women in Basotho Blanket on Bed
    Blanket Throw for the Bed Basotho On Horse

    Basotho wool blanket throws are the cream of the crop, and the designs and colors will add aesthetic value to your bedroom. 

    The big bonus is that your Basotho wool blanket throw is a year-round accessory that will give your bedroom VIP status, and you can reach for it whenever the need arises. 

    Moisture-wicking is the hidden gem of authentic wool blanket throws because the humidity is controlled through wool's moisture resistance and absorption. 

    If you happen to sweat during the night, your wool blanket throw will wick away the moisture, leaving you cool and dry. It's easy to see why the Basotho people wear their wool blankets with so much pride.

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