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  • The Ultimate Bed Blanket

    2 min read

    Thula Tula blanket spread on the bed

    What's in this article

    The Trendy Bed Blanket

    The biggest trend in blankets right now are big huge bed blankets. Our favorite bed blanket is the Mali Mud Cloth Blanket from Thula Tula. It’s everything you love about a normal blanket, but big enough for your whole family to cozy up on the couch together.

    Or if you prefer to snuggle solo like I do, it makes for a luxurious blanket to cuddle in bed with while binge-watching your favorite show on a slow Saturday morning.

    Just to clarify, bed blankets do not have to stay on your bed, in fact I encourage you to drag that super huge blanket all over the house and make good use of it’s coziness. Trust me, once you get one you won’t want to leave it neatly folded on your bed get out and adventure with your blanket, watch a sunset, have an impromptu picnic, or swing in a hammock.

    Let’s talk about size. Bed blankets are much larger than a standard throw blanket and are rarely found at big box stores, because they are expensive to make. The biggest bed blanket we offer is 79” x 90” and fits a California King. That’s 6.5 feet wide by 7.5 feet long!! A standard throw is 50”x70”, which is significantly smaller, and some cost just as much as our Mali Mud Cloth, offered in black and brown and are both reversible to inverted colors.

    Our bed blanket is created as an homage to the people of Mali and their beautifully intricate mud cloth pattern. In Mali it is the men’s duty to weave the fabric, after which it is handed over to the women to dye the fabric. They dye the fabric using mud that has been fermented for up to a year. The fabric is then dried in the sun and painted by hand.

    Traditionally worn by hunters, the mud cloth patterns are rich in cultural significance, referring to historical events, mythological concepts, or proverbs.

    When you purchase the Mali Mud Cloth blanket, not only will you be getting a large cozy bed blanket, you will receive a beautiful blanket inspired by the artists in Mali who have created these patterns for hundreds of years.

    To learn more about the Mali Mudcloth and it's distinguished history read our ultimate guide to the Mali mudcloth

    A man and women with their kids in Mali Mud blanket in the bedroom

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