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  • Elevate Your Home With The Very Best Blanket Throws

    4 min read

    Basotho blanket on white couch

    The Very Best Blanket Throws That will elvate any room in your House

    Blanket throws keep you warm and comfortable when there's a chill.


    However, the ambient temperature might be perfect when you're active, but you need to maintain your body heat while snuggling and sleeping for a while. 

    The bottom line is that throws are essential go-to comfy items with universal uses. 

    Blanket throws also enhance the décor of living spaces with a splash of color, textures, and complimenting design patterns that make a house a warm, inviting home. 

    Blanket throws do not necessarily have tasseled edges, nor do they have to comply with specific weights or sizes, all of which are used to distinguish between a blanket and a throw.

    Simplify these restrictive defining characteristics by looking at the purpose of a blanket throw and aligning that with your personal preferences. 

    After all, it's your home, your choice, and in support of expressive freedom, the term "blanket throw" seems appropriate.

    We've put together a sample of some of our finest blanket throws that showcase Africa's rich traditional heritage that will surpass your wildest expectations. 

    Basotho blanket on outdoor chair

    Basotho heirloom black and white wool blanket throw

    Comfort and style at your fingertips.

    Basotho heirloom blanket throws are made from Merino wool, making them the perfect snuggle companion. 

    They are soft, warm, and lightweight and can be wrapped around your shoulders as you trot around your home or garden. They are also ideal for those afternoon naps with your little one.

    Sporting different colors and designs, each Basotho blanket throw has a unique message that carries forward the heritage of the Basotho nation rooted in the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho. 

    Your discovery of the real magic in these luxurious blanket throws will leave you in awe. 

    The Maasai Plaid Tartan Throw Maasai warriors

    The Basotho Seanamarena blanket throw brings it all together.

    Family bonds are made stronger through love and caring, expressed through the warmth and security your family will experience with any blankets thrown in the Basotho range.

    They are hypoallergenic, and cleaning them is a breeze, so don't be shy; display them and use them to their full potential.

    Man sitting on a basotho heritage blanket
    Thula Tula​​

    Congo Kuba blanket throw.

    Warm earth tones dressed in soft beauty 

    The elaborate and complex designs of traditional Congolese Kuba cloth express a minimalistic essence that brings your environment to life. 

    Congo Kuba cloth throws are hypoallergenic, lightweight, and super comfortable. You can't help wanting to reach for that perfectly displayed Kuba cloth blanket throw and wrap yourself in it. You wouldn't be judged poorly unless someone else had the same idea.

    Often overlooked is the intended function of blanket throws. 

    They are made to keep you warm and must be soft and comfortable. When you take a nap wrapped in a Kuba cloth blanket throw, your core body temperature will be regulated and maintained. 

    This is a part of the quality of Kuba cloth that must be experienced to be appreciated. 

    The Maasai Plaid Tartan Throw is Durable and easy to care for.

    BEST BLANKET THROWS: Breaking geometry the easy way


    The blend of warm earth tones makes styling easy. 

    You can drape this gorgeous throw over the corner of your bed using the tassels to break hard geometric lines, or you can use it to style a furniture piece in your living room. 

    But draped over your shoulders at an outing with friends or family, this fantastic Congolese creation will radiate your excellence in taste and charm.

    The Maasai Plaid Tartan Throw is Durable and easy to care for.
    The Maasai Plaid Tartan Throw women sitting infront of fire

    BEST BLANKET THROWS: Mali Mudcloth blanket throw.

    Mali Mudcloth blanket throws are soft, lightweight, hypoallergenic, and beautifully woven. 

    They are ethically crafted and inspired by the traditional dyed and elaborate cotton fabrics of the people of Mali. 

    City skyline with an ethnic African voice

    Mali Mudcloth blanket throws shed light on the word "multi." You might think of multiculturalism due to the geometric designs but think more along the lines of multi-functional or multi-purpose. 

    The designs portray harmony and beauty that inspire the imagination. 

    Mali Mudcloth blanket throws can accentuate any feature in your home or add vibrancy and sophistication to a living area. 

    Mali Mudcloth throw

    BEST BLANKET THROWS: Luxuriously soft and cozy.


    A Mali Mudcloth blanket throw is a versatile home comfort throw perfect for day outings or long travel trips. 

    Wherever and whenever you need that portable home comfort item to keep you warm and relaxed, your Mali Mudcloth blanket throw will always rise to the occasion. 

    Mali Mudcloth blanket throws are elegant and stylish with a cosmopolitan flair which adds a refreshing touch to daily life. 

    our friends will be envious of how you make being free look so easy.

    The Maasai Plaid Tartan Throw women sitting infront of fire

    BEST BLANKET THROWS: The Maasai Plaid Tartan Throw is Durable and easy to care for.

    Maasai plaid tartan throws are durable, a standard that has always been non-negotiable, making these magnificent throws ideal for indoor and outdoor use, and as a bonus, they are pet and child-friendly. 

    Modern-day Maasai plaid tartan throws can be popped into the washing machine using a cold, gentle wash cycle and then line dried. 

    Spills can be wiped down with a soft, damp cloth to avoid potential staining.

    The Maasai plaid tartan throw is sustainably and ethically made in South Africa.

    They are hypoallergenic microfiber throws with a single-faced dobby weave.

    An important point to note is that no toxic dyes or chemicals are used to create these fine works of art that keep on delivering. 

    The Maasai Plaid Tartan Throw is Durable and easy to care for.

    BEST BLANKET THROWS: Maasai plaid tartan throw colors and designs.

    Married Maasai people wear blue, which is the color of the sky that provides water in the form of rain. 

    Red is primarily worn by the warriors and represents blood which signifies the unity of the tribe and their courage, strength, and protection from predators. 

    Green is for the land which nourishes their cattle, yellow is for the sun that makes life possible, and orange depicts hospitality, friendship, and the generosity of the Maasai. 

    Contemporary designs and color combinations still reflect Maasai traditional values.

    The Maasai Plaid Tartan Throw is Durable and easy to care for.
    The Maasai Plaid Tartan Throw women sitting infront of fire

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