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  • The Ultimate wool blanket throw : The Basotho Heritage Blanket

    4 min read

    Basotho heritage blanket black and white kids and mom on bed

    The exquisite Thula Tula Basotho wool blanket throw has been designed to keep you warm with its lightweight, hypoallergenic construction and machine washable functionality.

    The Thula Tula Basotho wool blanket throw is everything you’ve imagined a blanket to be, only much more. You’re getting heirloom quality for starters, and you don’t have to be royalty to enjoy this lightweight, hypoallergenic, and machine washable go-to snuggle item. Used in or outdoors, you won’t have to worry about gradual fading or pilling, and your Basotho Heritage Blank Throw won’t shrink or scratch either. It will never let you down.

    The Basotho heritage blanket lying on a couch

    The Basotho Heritage wool blanket throw

    A picture-perfect way to greet the day – all wrapped up in your soft Basotho heritage wool blanket throw, enjoying a warm early start to the day by simply being one with nature. Relax and pamper your inner beauty as your wool blanket throw regulates your core body temperature from the outside. 

    180 Year of quality to perfect the perfect wool blanket throw

    The thickness of these Basotho wool blanket throws is more than enough to shield you from a cold floor and soft enough to provide the comfort you need.

    Having your prized blanket so close to a fire is not a genuine concern because Thula Tula only uses top-grade Merino wool, which is fire resistant. That’s what makes the stylish Basotho blanket throw ideal for camping trips.

    Basotho blanket with young child lying on it

    Its taken generations to perfect this wool blanket throw

    What you get along with your blanket throw is quality artistry that has maintained course for four generations.

    The original recipe has not changed because the quality test was way up in the mountains of Lesotho

    Aranda Textile Mill took on the challenge to make luxury blankets for the Basotho people that would be vigorously tested as an all-day garment worn in rugged freezing mountainous terrane to repel rain and wind and regulate body heat, and they excelled. 

    Good things last a lifetime or more.

    women lying on bed with child under basotho blanket

    Every one of these blanket throws mean somthing different

    Basotho heritage blanket designs hold great significance for the Basotho nation.

    This corncob design symbolizes fertility and growth and is called “SeanaMarena,” a charming melodic name for such a provocative design. 

    Like all Basotho blankets, the weave is tight yet soft, the blanket is thick yet lightweight, and they all keep you warm in the cold and cool when it’s hot. 

    Wherever or whenever you need a blanket throw, Basotho wool blanket throws will rise to the occasion and give you a good reason to smile. 

    Lesotho Basotho man sitting on horse

    The Different Designs Mean different different things to the people of Lesotho

    The Black and Peacock corncob design has a magnetic allure to it, and for many people, the colors and symmetry of the design end up being the most attractive feature in the room. 

    The scarlet and cobalt SeanaMarena blanket throw adds a bright color to monotoned living spaces that are so refreshing, mainly because you can style your blanket throw any way you like, including being wrapped up in it on the couch. Now, that’s a novel way to get attention.

    The Basotho heritage range of blanket throws is fully machine washable, but that doesn’t let you off the hook because you’ll still have to follow the washing instructions. You should use a cool gentle cycle and line dry to preserve the fibers and color. Wool repels odors but airing your blanket on the line for a few hours every so often will keep your blanket throw smelling fresh. 

    women sitting on bed wrapped in Basotho blanket
    kids in Lesotho on a roundabout

    If you’re looking to add warm earth colors to your living room or bedroom, this salmon heirloom Basotho wool blanket will do the trick.

    The design breaks static lines without being too overpowering; on the contrary, the design and color scheme compliment most monocolored fixtures. 

    The joy of fine-looking living spaces is the practical use of throws on a lazy winter afternoon, and the salmon Basotho throw will become everyone’s favorite.

    Aranda and Thula Tula are committed to helping rural people in Lesotho and South Africa access clean drinking water. This is achieved through repairing and maintaining existing play-pump installations with funds derived from every blanket sale. 

    Play-pumps are simple kiddie merry-go-rounds that power boreholes to fill reservoirs with clean drinkable water. 

    Every blanket sale equates to helping 30 children have access to clean water. This may not seem like much, but it is a great deal in countries where rural communities have to walk many miles to collect clean water. Children can go straight to school and enjoy playtime as all children should.

    learn more about the basotho heritage blanket and the amazing stories that make this a heritage blanket

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