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  • The Best Camping Blankets

    3 min read

    Basotho heritage camping blankets from Africa

    The Ultimate Camping blanket

    The Basotho blanket specifically, is a natural camping blanket

    For over a century it has been used by the Basotho people of Lesotho in the wind swept mountains. It has kept them warm and cozy for over century and will make the perfect camping blanket  for your next camping trip.

    What comes to mind when you think of camping? Snuggling In a tent staring up at the stars, bonfire roaring, birds chirping you awake… and inevitably waking up freezing because your sleeping bag doesn’t cut it at night when the temps drop and your tent gets covered in dew. Camping doesn’t have to be cold or uncomfortable. Check out our suggestions for the best camping blanket to keep you warm and cozy on your next campout.

    Best Winter Camping Blanket

    Basotho blankets are made from wool and provide a heavy dense layer of protection from the cold and wind. Wool is a natural water repellant, so if your tent gets wet, you’ll stay dry. Our Basotho Heritage Blankets are perfect for as winter camping blanket.

    Throw one on top of your sleeping bag and you won’t wake up cold. The blanket feels heavy and thick. We love to wrap ourselves in a Basotho blanket while sitting by a fire on a cold winter night. The wool doesn't absorb odors like most fabrics, so you can air out your blanket or even just shake it out and the next day it’ll smell clean.

    This also is an added bonus if you will be camping for an extended amount of time and won’t have a place to clean your clothes. Wool has Lanolin in it (it’s what protects a sheep from the elements), so it is self cleaning and only has to be truly washed if it gets completely filthy.   

    Basotho camping blanket on the beach

    Best All Purpose Camping Blanket

    Our camping experts agree that the best all around blanket is the Ndebele Throw.

    It’s warm and cozy, but packs up small and compact. Small enough to throw in your pack and hit the ground running, then snuggle up to it by the fire at night. 

    Best Luxurious Camping Blanket

    Did you convince your partner to go on a camping trip, but they prefer hotels and room service to sleeping on the ground and washing their hands in a river? Then the Mali Mali Mud Cloth camping blanket is the one to pack. It is HUGE and luxurious. We aren’t kidding. This super soft bed blanket is as big as a California King, so your partner will feel like they are sleeping in the Four Seasons instead of the forest.

    Best Beach Camping Blanket

    By far the best beach camping blanket is our Protea Pinstripe Blanket. Made from microfiber and twill, it’s durable, the fabric is super easy to shake dirt or sand out of, and it folds small enough to shove into a backpack or throw in the back of your car. Versatile and comfy, it doesn’t hurt that it’s also a cute striped pattern.  

    Thula Tula Blankets are so versatile that we think they are just as essential to pack when you head outdoors as a tent or sleeping bag. Camping Blankets are easy to pack, practical, and have so many uses. Camping blankets aren’t just good for sleeping, they are perfect for picnics near the lake or river, playing card games or board games, and in a pinch they work as extra seating for kids or a soft place to sit down after a long hike.

    Thula tula camping blanket on beach with couple and kids

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