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  • 10 Best Wool Blankets for Camping 2022

    7 min read

    10 Best Wool Blankets for Camping couple at camp with child

    10 Best Wool Blankets for Camping for 2022

    Did you know: Wool is the most superior blanket fabric for both home use and camping due to its many characteristics that promote comfort and sleep quality regardless of environmental conditions.

    Wool Blankets for Camping campfire and tents in starry night sky

    From tent camping to van-life and glamping camping can be a year round activity

    Camping all year round is fun

    Camping is a year-round activity for many people, and this is one leisure activity that calls for accessories to be carefully planned around comfort to create memorable experiences.

    So, why choose a wool blanket for camping? Are wool blankets not thick, heavy, and too bulky to pack for a camping trip? Not really, but it does depend on what type of camping trip you are planning. 

    If you intend hiking up the side of a mountain, then your wool blanket on your bed at home might not do, but there are wool blankets that are not that bulky and can be rolled up and attached to your backpack in the same manner as a sleeping bag.

    Before you get into the nitty-gritty of planning your next camping trip, you may want to read on and discover the wonders of wool camping blankets.

    Wool Blankets for Camping view from avan camping with feet and dog lying next to feet

    Wool blankets for camping are becoming a hot trend.

    This may surprise you, but wool blankets have quickly become a lasting trend that compliments modern-day camping excursions. 

    The shift toward wool blankets probably stemmed from improved availability and word-of-mouth sharing of heart-warming camping stories, not to mention the near disasters if the campers opt for other blankets instead t of their trusty wool blankets.

    Now, put yourself into a camping environment – perhaps down by the lake in the summer, where the water is cool and surrounded by greenery. 

    It’s a pretty lovely setting, but the days are hot, and evenings may cool a little with a breeze coming off the lake. 

    Many campers tie wool blankets to winter, and this is the last thing they would consider taking on their camping trip.

    Wool Blankets for Camping a starry night with tent

    The first night of camping is fun around the campfire, and slowly people peel away and duck into their tents.

    Once zipped up and secured, the tent becomes its hotbox as body heat and humidity increase the temperature in a concise space of time. 

    You try lying on your sleeping bag, but as the night moves on, the air and your body cool to the point that awakens you. 

    You slip into your sleeping bag but leave it unzipped to try and reach the optimum sleep temperature you are so accustomed to at home. You stumble out of your tent at dawn feeling very tired, as if you didn’t rest at all.

    Now throw a wool camping blanket into the mix. It’s the same setting around the campfire, and you know how some campfires create small explosions that send red hot embers flying in all directions.

    If a red-hot ember falls on your wool blanket, all you have to do is brush it off, and it may not even leave a mark. 

    You see, wool is fire resistant, and the worst-case scenario is that the ember will cause the wool in that area to smolder and die out, that’s if you don’t notice it first.

    Wool Blankets for Camping group of people sitting around a campfire

    Wool blankets for camping have another huge value prop

    Another valuable thing to know about wool is that it is odor resistant, and unlike your clothing, your wool blanket will repel the odor of your campfire, including the smell of burnt marshmallows. 

    You can slip under your wool blanket when you retire to your tent because it’s breathable. 

    Its moisture-wicking properties help regulate your optimum sleep temperature, even in summer. 

    But you may only use your wool blanket around the campfire in winter, yet either way, wool is the safest blanket option around naked flames.

    Your wool blanket regulates the humidity around you and keeps you cool on hot summer nights and warm during cold winter nights.

    Wool Blankets for Camping: Modern-day camping is all about comfort.

    Camping in the old days was more about roughing it, and although some people still like this aspect of “survivor” camping, most prefer comfort.

    Opting for comfort allows families with young children and the less inclined “rough it” type to enjoy the outdoors.

    Caravans, tents, 4x4 vehicles, and camping trailers focus on comfort, convenience, and easy-to-follow setup guides. 

    Wool camping blankets fit neatly into almost every camping style and are fast becoming an essential accessory.

    Because wool repels odors and dirt, wool blankets do not have to be washed as much. 

    Simply airing out your wool blankets during the day on an extended camping trip will leave your blankets feeling and smelling fresh.

    To give you an idea of what type of wool camping blankets are available on the market, we will discuss a few in no particular order. 

    But before we get to the list, keep in mind that most wool blankets are blended to varying degrees with other fabrics, which ultimately influence the characteristics and price. 

    The quality of wool is another factor to consider, as blankets made from thick wool fibers may cause itching for people with sensitive skin. 

    Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, and people with sensitive skin should consider wool blankets made from delicate fibers.

    Wool Blankets for Camping couple sitting outside their camper van on beautiful night

    10 best Wool blankets for leisure camping. 

    To create more memorable camping experiences, you may want to consider one of the blanket options below:

    Arcturus Military Wool Blanket:

    These blankets are 80% wool and are priced for the budget wary camper.

    Although cheaper than other known brand names, the Arcturus wool blanket is still a quality product that is soft and durable and is perfect for the outdoors

    Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

    Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket:

    Pendleton has been in the wool weaving game for over a century and is highly regarded for its quality products. 

    This camping blanket is 86% wool and 14% cotton, which provides both warmth and comfort.

    yakima camp blanket

    Filson Mackinaw Wool Blanket:

    Made of 100% Mackinaw wool, some consider this as the cream of wool camping blanket.

    The edges are serged (unfinished seams or edges ) so they won’t fray, and the durability ensures that the blanket will last well beyond a lifetime.


    Woolly Mammoth Explorer Blanket:

    These camping blankets are made for the outdoors. At 66” by 90”, it weighs 4 pounds and is made with 80% virgin merino wool. 

    The twill weave makes it more durable, enhanced with a blend of nylon and polyester.

    Woolly Mammoth Explorer Blanket

    Basotho Heritage Blankets:

    These blankets are perfect for luxury camping trips and come in three classes.

    The first- and second-class blankets are made with 90% merino wool and a 10% cotton blend. 

    Class three are made from acrylic. The Basotho people of Lesotho wear these blankets all year round, which is a testament to the thermo-regulatory characteristic of wool. 

    The Basotho want durability as the blankets are worn daily, but they also insist on soft texture and a luxurious look as it represents who they are as a people. 

    Ideal for caravan and family camping trips.

    basotho heritage blanket for camping

    Lumberlander Camp Blanket: 

    This blanket is 72” by 66” made from 86% wool and a 14% cotton blend. 

    They come with a handy leather sling for compact packing and easy transportation. 

    The Lumberlander camp blanket is durable, and the cotton blend gives it added softness.

    Lumberlander Camp Blanket:

    Alpine wool blanket:


    The Alpine wool blanket from Faribault Woolen Mill Company is made from 100% merino wool renowned for its lightweight fiber and excellent breathability.

    Merino wool blankets are sought after for their many characteristics that breathe new life into what luxury means.

    Alpine wool blanket: The Alpine wool blanket from Faribault Woolen Mill Company

    Ever Ready First Aid Wool Blanket:  

    These wool blankets measure 66” by 90” and are made from 80% wool. 

    They are ideal for any camping setup, and their fire-resistant ability makes them safe to use around open flames. 

    Ever Ready First Aid Wool Blanket

    Arcturus blanket:

    Not to be confused with the Arcturus Military Wool Blanket. 

    This Arcturus camp blanket is made with 20% wool and 80% polyester. 

    They are not as warm or thermodynamic as wool blankets with higher wool content, but they offer added warmth when used as an extra cover over your sleeping bag. 

    They are affordable, but caution should be taken around campfires.

    Arcturus blanket

    Ektos Wool blanket: 

    Measuring 66” by 90”, these blankets are made from 100% wool and are high-quality blankets with well-finished edges that prevent premature fraying. 

    The use of fine wool fiber will comfort people with sensitive skin, as will the fact that the blankets are not treated with any fire-retardant chemicals. 

    Ektos Wool blanket

    The great outdoors is made even more significant with wool camping blankets. 

    Don’t let the season dictate and control your urge to fledge out and explore the great outdoors. 

    You can plan your camping excursions to suit your needs by breaking away in pursuit of the peace of nature in off-season times.

     This is all possible with wool camping blankets because it’s not likely to be too cold or hot with your trusty wool companion to regulate your core temperature.

    One thing to consider is the cost of wool blankets which can be pretty costly but rest assured, it’s an investment worth every penny. 

    The wool blankets listed above are all available through online shopping channels like Amazon and others, so you will be able to purchase the blanket that appeals the most to you.

    Finally, think about the ever-changing outdoors with its multitude of shapes and colors. 

    You can experience first-hand by simply having the right camping accessories to compliment every occasion. 

    I’m sure you’ll agree that wool camping blankets will help to make camping freedom possible throughout the year, no matter where you are in the world.


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