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  • 2 Great Reasons Why Wool Blankets Make The best Camping Blankets

    4 min read

    basotho wool camping blanket on beach with son and father in front of camping fire

    Why wool blankets make the Best Camping blankets and everyone should own one 

    Did You Know: Wool has been scientifically proven to promote comfort and sleep quality regardless of environmental conditions. It’s not only a great fabric for your home, but it's also ideal when camping in cold weather with its ability keep you warm even on thin layers!

    best camping blanket group of people around a campfire in the cold

    Blankets Are Best For Certain Types Of Camping

    A wool blanket makes for great Camping blankets and should always be a part of your essential camping gear

    However, let's set the scene a little here because there a few caveats when it comes to camping. 

    Firstly, We don't mean "hiking camping" where weight and compactness is your number one priority if that's what you are looking for you are best to look at backcountry sleeping bags. 

    for your next hiking trip, they have easily one of the best selections of compact hiking gear and sleeping bags. 

    No, what we mean when we say camping is family camping, car camping, and glamping (yes we said it, glamping) :) We are talking about camping where weight and volume are not an issue but comfort and fun is the number one goal for the trip. 

    There are 2 main reasons we recommend a wool camping blanket and why the make the best camping

    1. Wool Blankets are more Fire-resistant

    let's be honest the main reason anyone goes on a camping trip is to get away from it all get a little dirty and light a campfire. A campfire is a central theme to pretty much every camp trip I've been on.

    Just sitting there losing yourself in the flames chatting to friends until the stars come out is the stuff of legends. 

    At every campfire you need a blanket especially in those winter months it'll still get chilly around the fire. 

    Wool is naturally flame retardant. It does not ignite easily, burns with a self-extinguishing flame, and forms a soft dissipating ash residue whereas synthetic fibers form a hard, molten bead residue with melt-drip behavior. 

    Sleeping bags fabric, Nylonpolyestertaffeta are nowhere near as fire-safe as a woolen blanket. Also, who wants to burn holes in a 500$ sleeping bag. 

    Recently we were at a beach pit fire here in San Clemente. A large piece of ember landing on a Basotho Blanket someone was cuddled in, it sat there for a good few seconds before it was brushed off and it didn't even leave a mark on the woolen camping blanket.... Just saying 


    Father and sun sitting on a wool Basotho Blanket

    2. Wool Blankets Don't absorb as much odor

    Who wants to smell like fire? Nobody, not even the keenest of keen backpackers ever said "I smell great after that campfire" Wool is the perfect odor shield. 

    Wool blankets are naturally odor-resistant due to the fiber's unique properties. Wool fibers can absorb large quantities of water vapor – twice as much as cotton and thirty times as much as polyester.

    Wool absorbs and locks away odors during wear. The wool fiber actively binds odors within the fiber where bacteria do not thrive. 

    As a result, the wool blanket remains fresh and odor free for much longer.

    While sleeping bags are easy to pack, it’s tough to beat wool blankets when you’re sitting around the bonfire or camping in the cold. 

    Layer a wool blanket over your sleeping bag and you’ll stay warm all night. 

    Wool is a natural fiber that’s breathable, odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and fire-resistant. 

    Combine all these features and wool makes the perfect fabric for a camping blanket. Another awesome thing about wool is that it’s somewhat self-cleaning. 

    Meaning you just need to air your blanket out or shake it off it gets a little smelly. In general, the less washing the better, which is why we think it makes for the perfect camping blanket

    The Basotho Heritage blanket is an epic Blanket for Camping

    It has been used for centuries in the cold, windswept Mountains of Lesotho by the herd boys and Lesotho royalty alike. 

    It was made for camping and adventuring. It is woven the same way it has been for over a century from Merino Wool and acrylic.

    SHOP Thula Tula woolen blankets used and loved on camping trips 

    Young boy wrapped in a Basotho blanket in the snow

    A few other reasons wool make the best camping blankets

    Wool offers superior comfort and sleep quality regardless of environmental conditions.

    When choosing fabric for your home, the most important thing to consider is how it will behave in different situations - whether you're sleeping on the couch, traveling abroad with limited carry-on space (or not), etcetera! 

    The answer might be wool; this natural fiber has been proven time after again as one that provides excellent support while also keeping us warm all through winter nights spent indoors

    Wool is a revered fabric for its ability to regulate body temperature and promote comfort in all conditions. 

    The material's many features make it perfect whether you're at home or camping, no matter what the environmental factors may be like outside of your house!.

    young child sitting on the beach under a Basotho wool blanket

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