Picnic setup ideas

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Picnic setup ideas

Picture this: a big huge blanket sprawled across the sand, golden evening light, your favorite person snuggled up beside you, a picnic basket filled with goodies, a bottle of wine, and a few comfy pillows to lean back on after the sun has dipped below the horizon. It’s warm enough for shorts, but you need a sweater at night. In a word: perfect. 

Here are 5 picnic setup ideas, so your next picnic will go off without a hitch! 

#1 Bring Food!

A picnicisn’t a picnic without food. You don’t have to go overboard if that’s not your style (but if it is, please do! Your efforts will be appreciated). The easiest way to pack a quick picnic is to stop by your local deli and grab a variety of charcuterie items that are easy to eat. Don’t forget other finger foods like raspberries and strawberries, crackers, nuts and something sweet for dessert.

#2 Bring a spacious picnic blanket

You may want to get cozy with your date, but that doesn’t mean being forced to squeeze up uncomfortably tight just so that you can both fit onthe picnic blanket. Bring a large spacious blanket so you can both sit comfortably, lie down, and spread out as much as you desire.Bonus: the bigger the blanket the more room that you can claim as your “spot”. No worries about other people encroaching on your picnic spot. 

picnic ideas thultula picnic blanket

#3 Bring clean up supplies

Nothing ruins a romantic date like sticky hands or a picnic basket full of leftover food. Don’t forget to pack hand sanitizer, napkins, a small trash bag, and a small tupperware container for leftovers. 

#4 Don’t forget the essentials! 

Nothing is worse than driving all the way to your destination and setting up your picnic only to realize that you forgot the essentials. Don’t forget the water bottle, the wine opener, the lighter and logs if you are having a picnic alongside a bonfire (I just forgot this last week when we did a bonfire at the beach! Novice move), the cups for your drinks, the utensils (if necessary), sunscreen/a hat, and if you really want to take the romance to the next level - pick up a bouquet of flowers while you are at it. Your date (who very well may be your spouse and/ or kids - a date’s a date!) will feel so special. 

#5 Bring something to do! 

Books, board games, paddle ball, volleyball, playing cards, or even a notepad and pen can be the perfect picnic activity. Bring anything that will help you to stay off your phone and enjoy the moment. 

We think that pretty much sums it up! To summarize; pack food, pack essentials, make it fun, and definitely pack a big blanket so you and your date can sprawl out and spend hours enjoying your picnic. 

picnic ideas games to play when on a picnic bothy ball

We hope these 5 ideas will help you when you go to set up your next picnic!

Steve Watts
Steve Watts

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