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  • Inspired Picnic Ideas for Summer

    3 min read

    bun and glass of drinks in the picnic

    Picnic Ideas and tips

    Every romantic comedy inevitably has a picnic scene, because they are inherently romantic. Nothing else says new love quite like laying out a blanket in a beautiful location and opening up a wicker picnic basket full of snacks to indulge in.

    Although Instagram and Netflix would have you believe all picnics go off without a hitch, we know first hand how hard it is to actually pull a picnic off without any hiccups. From laying your blanket down in an ant bed (done it), to forgetting the wine opener (epic fail), to sand getting in your food.

    We’ve all been there and a sandy sandwich isn’t very tasty and leaves one wondering ‘why is it called a sandwich anyway’? Have no fear, we are here to help. Below are some tips on what to pack so that your picnic isn’t just a photo-op for social media, but is actually as lovely and relaxing as it looks online.

    Tip #1: Don't forget the delights

    Pack snacks snacks and more snacks! Finger foods that don’t require utensils are the way to go. And know what to avoid; mayonnaise, potato salad, tuna salad etc. are unappetizing on a hot sunny day, even if you packed a cooler.

    Tip #2: Don't forget to get comfy

    Don’t forget a big cuddly blanket! No picnic is complete without a large blanket to sprawl out on. Make sure to check out our blanket guide, so you’ll know which blanket works best for the beach or in the mountains (pro tip: wool is best for the cold and has self-cleaning properties which makes it perfect for a picnic!).

    Best Picnic Ideas and tips

    Tip #3: Protect yourself from the sun

    If you are planning a whole day affair, then you need to bring ALL THE THINGS. You’ll need shade for when the sun is high in the sky and you need a good ice chest to keep all the food and drinks cold. Most important of all, you’ll need wipes, paper towels and a trash bag, so that you can leave your location even better than you found it.

    Tip #4: You may need to open bottles

    Don’t forget the essentials. Bottle opener. Cups for whatever it is you're drinking and games to play or books to read after the eating is over.

    Picnic ideas and tips

    Tip #5: Don't forget your sweet tooth

    Bring dessert! Everyone craves a little something sweet after snacking on cheese and crackers. Pack cookies or brownies that won’t melt in the heat.

    Tip #6: forget the crowds... California here's looking at you

    Make sure to research how crowded your destination is at sunset or at whatever time of day you’ll be there. My favorite thing to do is look on google maps at the street view scene to plan out my location, then I search Instagram hashtags to see what things look like IRL. Nothing kills romance like a crowded park or packed beach when you are trying to have a date.

    Tip #7: Keeping things super chill

    Packing light? Then here’s a good hack if you don’t want to bring a cooler with you. Pack a few frozen water bottles in your picnic basket, so your food will stay cold and you’ll have something to drink as well!

    Picnic Ideas and tips for your next picnic

    Tip #8 : Pack Light or wheel it

    Packing a ton of stuff?

     Bring a wagon or beach cart that converts into a table (pro move). We know a wagon isn’t all that romantic, but if you’ve got kids in tow on this picnic, then it’s a must have item. Since you aren’t worried about packing light, go ahead and bring along little luxuries like portable speakers, pop-up beach tents, and a mini wading pool for cooling off/chilling. If you have little kids, we recommend a play pen to keep them occupied while you relax.

    Find the perfect Picnic Blanket for your next picnic adventure

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