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    6 Great Blanket Storage Ideas

    January 27, 2021 3 min read

    blanket storage ideas from thula tula tartan blanket on a wicker chair

    Blanket Storage ideas for the home

    You can never have too many blankets. They are the perfect gift because they always fit, people always love them, and they also double as home décor. Perfect first home gift, perfect wedding gift, perfect moving gift, perfect birthday gift, perfect baby gift, you get the idea! You could say blankets are my love language. The only problem is that eventually when you collect so many blankets and throws, you need to find a good place to store all of them. In my house, we have a rule that ‘everything needs a home’ and if it doesn’t have a home, then it needs to get donated. If you happen to have more storage space than me (old house / barely any closets), well lucky you, but even if your house is massive, we all are trying to maximize space and minimize clutter. Read on for blanket storage ideas that will

    1. Draped Over a Bed or Couch

      The first place to store a blanket is obvious: draped or folded on a couch or a bed. I have two folded at the end of my king bed and one draped on each of our couches. You can also drape them over chairs, benches, and ottomans. 


      Blanket storage drapped over a chair


    2. In a Basket 

      Is there anything better than a big huge basket with a ton of blankets in it?!  At my house, we always fight for the softest blanket (which happens to be the Mali Mud Cloth blanket from Thula Tula), but even if I don’t manage to snag that one from the basket I always end up with something cozy, because we only store the best blankets in the basket next to our couch - because that is the spot in our house where we get the most use out of our blankets. 

    3. Underbed Storage Containers

      This option isn’t my favorite, because I’m a big fan of displaying blankets, but when the weather gets hot and you don’t really need a ton of blankets out, then storing them under your bed makes sense. This is also great for the more minimalist decorator or someone who doesn’t have a ton of space in their house. Plus, storing blankets out of sight helps visually transition your home from winter styling to summer styling. 

    4. Blanket Storage In an Ottoman

      This spot works great if you live in a climate that has a huge range of weather, because your blankets are hidden away, but still accessible when you need them. It’s also good for keeping pets away from your beloved blankets

    5. On a Blanket Ladder or Rack

      If you are a major blanket collector then you will want to display your favorites year-round. For these people, I recommend a blanket rack or leaning blanket ladder. I love the coziness that a ladder with folded blankets adds to space. A blanket rack looks similar to a towel rack but adds the added element of being a décor piece. 

    6. As a Cushion

      My friend drapes blankets over her metal bar stools to add padding and warmth to her seats. I had never thought of putting them on dining chairs, but it makes sense since they are easy to wash if they get dirty and make a cold hard chair soft and comfy! 


      Basotho blanket drapped over chair


    No matter where or how you store your blankets, one things for sure: you can never have too many blankets! Happy shopping :) 

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