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Wearable blankets... Trending now

January 27, 2021 2 min read

women wearing a blanket on a porch

Wearable Blankets a new trend

It’s January and that means brrr it’s cold outside! Even in Southern California where Thula Tula calls home, it’s a chilly 45 degrees today and the nearby mountains are being hammered with snow.  If you are anything like me, then you spend your days at home wrapped up in a blanketpreferably a wearable blanket.

Relax with your favorite blanket

The Coronavirus pandemic has only increased my desire to wear a blanketall day long, whether I’m relaxing on the couch or working from home, I want to be comfortable. Lucky for me, most of our Thula Tula blankets can pass as a shawl or wearable blanket, so I can wear them while I’m on a video call or running errands around town. I know what you are thinking, “why would I wear a blanket outside of my house?” and then you are envisioning the Snuggie or something equally as awful.

wearable blankets women sitting on the side of a bed

Wearable Blankets are the new WFH AWESOMENESS :)

Initially, I was just like you, on team ‘blankets are best left at home’, but then I learned a thing or two about the long history behind wearing a blanket.

It’s really not much different than a poncho or scarf, except it doubles as a blanket. In my book, that makes it even more versatile than any other outerwear item I own. This will be one wardrobe investment that will have you asking yourself “why didn’t I do this sooner?” And in this day and age where it’s acceptable to wear yoga pants and pajamas everywhere, trust me you’ll look right at home running errands in a blanket. Nobody will even bat an eye.

The Ultimate wearable blanket

Our Basotho Heritage blanket is the ultimate wearable blanket in fact it  actually comes with a large pin so you can fasten the blanket around you and it won’t slip off while you make dinner or help the kids with homework.

Basotho Blankets are traditional wearable blankets

Did you know Basotho blankets were traditionally used as outerwear in the Lesotho mountains by the Basotho nation? To this day they aren’t really considered blankets in South Africa and Lesotho, in fact many African tribes will wear blankets as a shawl or wrap however, non is more popular or culturally significant than the Basotho Blanket.In the Basotho culture blankets are a garment that you wear in everyday life to protect you from the wind and cold. 

Below is a great example of a Basotho man wearing a Basotho blanket in the traditional way.

Traditional Basotho man wearing Basotho Blanket

Fortunately, American fashion trends have changed dramatically in the last year, so I think wearable blankets are here to stay. Check out our favorite Thula Tula blankets that you can style as a shawl or wearable blanket. You’ll stay cozy and look cute hanging at home or out and about!

Find your new favorite wearable blanket 

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