The ultimate Wearable African Blanket

The Basotho Blanket Is a Traditional African Wearable Blanket

The Basotho blanket is a traditional wearable blanket, sustainably made in South Africa by traditional artisans. Our Basotho Heritage blanket comes with a large pin so you can fasten the blanket around you and it won’t slip off while you make dinner or help the kids with homework. Did you know Basotho blankets were traditionally used as outerwear in the Lesotho mountains of South Africa? To this day they are not considered blankets in Lesotho, they are a garment that you wear in everyday life to protect you from the wind and cold. The Basotho Blanket has been used as a wearable Blanket for over 150 years in Lesotho by the Basotho Nation. To read more on wearable blankets and tip on how to wear your African wearable blanket check out our blog 

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