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  • Top 4 African Blanket throws for the couch

    3 min read

    A blanket thrown is lying on the couch

    We take a look at our favorite blanket throws for a couch.

    Blanket throws for couches bring warmth to a home, and your choice of throw and how you style or use them in your home is a reflection of your soul.

    Ancient archaeological sites revealed that every one of us has a deep-seated connection to Africa, but this is subject to belief. The ability to be creatively unique is unique to each of us. Blanket throws from the heart of Africa are historically unique and are the perfect accessory to style your home with.

    Geometric print blanket throw on the coach

    Congo Kuba Cloth Throw

    Lightweight and Cozy

    Congo Kuba cloth throws are ideal for couches as they are super-soft lightweight throws that keep you warm and cozy. To add, they are hypoallergenic, kid and pet-friendly, and machine-washable, so taking care of your Kuba cloth throw will be a walk in the park.

    The Congolese people from the DRC were meticulous and thoughtful in their designs and use of color. The designs are elaborate and complex, yet the use of color simplifies the ambiance to an earthy swing between fall and winter. The combination of design and color presents a good throw that will blend into any setting.

    Kuba cloth throws are the ideal size for an adult to snuggle under and stay warm while on the couch, but they also style your living space, so it feels much more homely and inviting.

    A man woman wearing Congo Kuba Throw

    Xhosa Striped Throw

    Relatable elegance

    Like other African nations, the Xhosa people of South Africa are inspired by nature, and the beauty of seeing a herd of Zebra on the plains is genuinely inspirational. The Xhosa striped throw is a universal design that could be from anywhere in the world, but their material choice and finish assured you of excellent quality. Like the movements of Zebra, the Xhosa striped throw will create an exciting new illusion with every style attempt.

    There is no compromise on the size as this Xhosa striped throw is big enough for two; that's if your couch is big enough. The throws are super soft and are so comfortable you will not pass up an opportunity for 40 winks on a chilly afternoon.

    Easy Couch or Chair styling

    Creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home has never been easier with a Xhosa striped hypoallergenic throw. Traditionally loomed in South Africa, the Xhosa striped throw is made to last, and Cleaning is a breeze.

    A woman is wearing zebra striped blanket throw

    Kente Cloth Throw

    Timeless Elegant design

    Kente Cloth stems from West Africa, and the original weave style was inspired by a spider's web's strength, beauty, and functionality. This timeless Kente cloth design reflects the harmony that united the West African Ashanti nation.

    The harmony captured in the design will create a seamless flow between other elements in your living space, bringing them together into a quiet comfort zone. There are many different ways to style your Kente cloth on your couch, and the design will always shine elegantly.

    Kente cloth throws are made to perfection, and no toxic chemicals or dyes are used – ever! They are hypoallergenic and machine washable but only use a minimum amount of wash detergent and allow your throw to air dry as it naturally freshens out.

    Mali Mud Cloth Throw

    Urban Design Gem

    The Mali Mud cloth throw design frames a basic urban cityscape with earth tones that reinforce the global village concept. This clever mix of ethnic African and western urban structures is a fine example of bridging cultures together, or rather, bridging time.

    Made from breathable cotton, the Mali Mud cloth throw is soft and gentle on the skin, and the dark background color will also soak up ambient warmth. Mali Mud cloth throws are ethically crafted in South Africa to meet the high standards of the Aranda Textile Mill. Like all the blankets and throws manufactured at the mill, meticulous attention is paid to detail and processes.

    These are a few examples of beautiful creations from some of the nations of Africa that you can bring into your home, knowing that these throws will meet every one of your expectations. The whole family will approve.

    A woman holding cup of coffee with Mali mud throw worn

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