The Real and Original Black Panther Wakanda Forever Blanket - Beware of Knockoffs

The Real Black Panther Wakanda Forever blanket

As seen in Marvel's Black Panther

Congratulations you just found the ONLY place to buy an original and authentic Black Panther Wakanda Forever blanket. These are the exact blankets worn as a shawl by the King's Guard in Marvel Studios “Black Panther” superhero movie, also serves as their shields and protection. We know this because not only did they buy them from us, but the Basotho Blanket is a heritage and patented blanket that is only available from Thula Tula nowhere else in the United States. We have been given the consent by the Basotho Nation and its monarchy. It’s a big deal and so are the Basotho Blankets.

The Basotho (Wakanda forever) Blankets are woven in Africa by the Basotho people. Each blanket is approximately 61 X 65 inches. The design of the blanket is woven into each blanket and it cannot be replicated. The Basotho Wakanda Forever blankets are considered one of Africa's most prized symbols of honor and respect, worn specifically for dignitaries or respected like Prince Harry and Nelson Mandela. Hence the reason it has been used as an honor in both Black panther and the sequel Black Panther Forever.

wakanda blanket as worn in the black panther