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African Zebra Throw

luxuriously soft and cozy

The woven Zebra print throw is an exquisite way to cuddle up. This blanket wraps you in a soft, comfy hug you'll never want to take off. Its beautiful zebra-inspired pattern will stylishly decorate any room and make your home even cozier!

Plus, your purchase is more than just getting a quality product – it helps provide clean water to those who need it most. With the African Zebra Throw and Blanket, you can enjoy quality comfort while doing your part for a great cause. With this blanket, your warm-heartedness will come full circle and bring warmth to Africa.

  • Hypoallergenic, No toxic dyes or chemicals used...ever
  • Sustainably and ethically made In South Africa
  • Soft, warm perfect for outdoors and indoors
  • Machine washable, pet and kid-friendly
About the African Zebra Print
  • The Zebra is recognized around the world by its distinctive black and white striped coat. Throughout the generations, the Zebra has been the subject of many vibrant African folk tales of how it got its unique stripes. According to the ancient people of Namibia, the Zebra was once all white and only acquired its black stripes after fighting with a baboon over a water hole.

    The Zebra kicked the baboon so hard, that it lost its balance and stumbled into the baboon’s fire. Sticks from the fire left scorch marks on the Zebra’s white coat, creating the black stripes. Some believe that when Zebras come together, their combined stripes act as camouflage which confuses their predators. This is why a herd of Zebras is called a ‘dazzle.’ Spiritually, the Zebra is a symbol of individuality and intuition. It is also lauded for its agility and sure-footedness.

  • Size:   55in x 71in / 140cm x 180cm
  • Color:  Black and Natural
  • Gm/2:  365 g/m2
  • Style:  Throw / Wrap / Blanket
  • Materials:  100% super soft, warm, lightweight, and hypoallergenic microfiber with a triple jacquard weave, open selvedge.
  • Origin:  Woven in South Africa.
Care Guide

    The Africa Zebra print is fully machine washable. We recommend machine wash your blanket on a cool, gentle cycle and line-drying to preserve the fibers and color for full care guide check out our full care guide here

Shipping & Returns
  • Free shipping on all orders over $49 in the United States. Our return policy is simple: We offer a 30-day return or exchange policy for all blankets in original packaging.

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Kobo Ke Bophelo (The blanket is life)

Imagine wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket that keeps you warm and has a meaningful impact on the world. Thula Tula Blankets are sustainably and ethically woven in South Africa with the highest quality materials. But what sets them apart is their dedication to improving the lives of those who create them. Each blanket symbolizes hope and positivity by providing fair-paying jobs and empowering underserved communities in Southern Africa. So snuggle up in a Thula Tula Blanket and feel good about making a difference.

Ethically crafted with your comfort in mind

All our blankets are sustainably and ethically crafted in South Africa with the blessing of the Basotho Nation. Our Mill is in its 66th year of operation and is 4th generation family-owned and operated. They are the industry leader in utilizing low-impact and socially responsible practices. They are the sole exclusive producer of the Basotho heritage blankets with the blessing of the Basotho people

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Laurie P. (Bellingham, US)
Lovely Throw

The throw is beautiful and very soft. I love that is was hand made in Africa and that purchases help the people in that particular area. A wonderful and meaningful purchase.

Jim B. (Arkadelphia, US)

African Giraffe Throw and Blanket

M.M. (Mableton, US)
Love This Beautiful Blanket

This Blanket is great. So Pretty & Plush and it came out of the wash just perfect. The Quality is awesome and I just love this gorgeous Giraffe Print.
I will be ordering others for sure.

Terrie W. (Arlington, US)
African Leopard Print Blanket

I am impressed each time I receive another blanket! One can never have enough African made blankets from Thula Tula! Thanks again 🤗

Terrie W. (Arlington, US)

I learned about these blankets on a episode of GMA. So far I have ordered 6 different styles & love them. I especially love the history of each blanket! Thank you Africa for sharing them.