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  • Africa Tribal Blankets and Throws

    Soft beautiful and comfy

    Expertly crafted with beautiful colors and vibrance, tribal blankets give an immersive touch of artistry to your living space. They are made sustainably and ethically in South Africaby African designers and weavers, using only hypoallergenic materials with no toxic dyes or chemicals used - perfect for all ages and family-friendly; Thula Tula Tribal Blankets are excellent additions indoors and out, with a softness and warmth ideal for any cozy occasion.

    Crafted with sustainability in mind

    Soft beautiful and comfy blankets

    Tribal African Blankets instantly provide a burst of energy and an uplifting sense of cultural sophistication to any room. From stunning, vibrant shades of yellow and blue to warm artisanal tones of green and brown, Tribal Blankets give interiors an ethnic-chic edge that can instantly transform any living or workspace./p>