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  • The Absolute Best Blanket Throws For your Bed

    Soft beautiful and comfy Bed blanket throws

    Looking for the perfect blanket throws for the bed to keep you warm and cozy at night? Look no further than our soft, lightweight, and hypoallergenic African print throw! This blanket is woven with tradition and craftsmanship in South Africa and will keep you comfortable all year long. Plus, it's ethically made and sustainably sourced, so you can rest easy knowing that your purchase is doing good in the world by providing water to underserved communities and creating jobs for over 700 hundred people in South Africa, where our Blankets are woven.

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    Kobo Ke Bophelo (The blanket is life)

    Every Thula Tula Blanket is sustainably and ethically crafted in South Africa using the finest materials. Beyond that, we are devoted to making a difference to the people and communities that created your blanket by providing well-paid jobs and empowering underserved communities in Southern Africa.

    Thula Tula

    Kobo Ke Bophelo (The blanket is life)

    With our blankets, you can make a change while keeping yourself comfortable throughout the year. We have carefully crafted these products using timeless traditions passed down through generations so it’s not just a blanket – it’s an experience! And now you get to be part of this story too.