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  • Sleeping with podcasts: 11 Best Podcasts to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

    9 min read

    a beautiful night scene with boat

    Your Ultimate Guide To Sleeping With Podcasts: Arm yourself with the facts and the knowledge to be better through the power of sleep.

    Sleep podcasts have become increasingly popular as people seek to understand and improve their sleep habits for better health and well-being.


    Sleep podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from sleep science and expert interviews to relaxation techniques and bedtime stories; these podcasts aim to educate, entertain, and promote restful slumber. 

    With a wealth of information, insights, and soothing sounds, sleep podcasts are an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their nightly rest and transform their waking life.

    Many podcasts focus on sleep, discussing sleep science, sleep hygiene, and relaxation techniques. Here is a list of 10 highly-regarded sleep-related podcasts:

     1. The Matt Walker Podcast 

    This is my top podcast for all things related to sleep and the reason I wrote this blog. I first heard of Mathew Walker on an episode with Joe Rogan. I highly recommend this podcast as it is an incredible resource and jam-packed with actionable facts to improve your sleep. Another great resource if you are not a fan of Joe Rogan is the Ted talk Dr. Mathew Walker does which is another action-packed and informative talk on why sleep is your superpower.

    The Matt Walker Podcast is a fascinating show that functions as a deep dive into the topic of sleep, the brain, and the body. Dr. Matt Walker, a Professor of Neuroscience at the University of California, Berkeley, hosts the podcast.

    Dr. Walker's neuroscience expertise and passion for the importance of sleep make him an engaging and informative guide through sleep science. 

    Throughout the podcast, he provides insights into the effects of sleep on the body and the brain and shares his knowledge on optimizing sleep for the best possible health and well-being.

    Listeners interested in learning more about the science behind sleep and how it can impact their lives will find The Matt Walker Podcast an invaluable resource. The show is entertaining and informative, with Dr. Walker's engaging personality and deep knowledge of sleep science.

    If you're looking to prioritize your sleep and learn more about the impact of dreams, give The Matt Walker Podcast a listen. You won't be disappointed.

    a picture of Matt Walker Podcast

    Sleepy Podcast: 

    The Sleepy Podcast is a popular audio program designed to help listeners unwind, relax, and fall asleep more easily. The podcast aims to create a tranquil atmosphere conducive to restful sleep by providing calming bedtime stories and soothing narratives. With its comforting voice, the Sleepy Podcast is an excellent sleep aid for those struggling with insomnia or seeking a peaceful way to end their day. By incorporating the soothing sounds of nature, soft music, or gentle ambiance, it has become a favorite bedtime companion for countless listeners.

    Narrator Otis Gray's soothing voice adds to the calming atmosphere.

    Sleep With Me Podcast: 

    The Sleep With Me podcast is a podcast that aims to help people fall asleep. The podcast features the soothing and monotonous voice of the host, Drew Ackerman, who tells rambling stories and engages in nonsensical conversations to lull listeners into a state of relaxation and sleepiness. The stories are often meandering and aimless, and they are intentionally designed to be boring and unstimulating to the listener.

    The podcast has gained a devoted following among people who struggle with insomnia or other sleep disorders. Many people find that the podcast helps them to quiet their minds and fall asleep more easily. The podcast has also been praised for its calming and comforting effect on listeners who experience anxiety or stress.

    Overall, the Sleep With Me podcast is a unique and effective tool for people who struggle with sleep. Its intentionally dull and uneventful storytelling may not be for everyone, but for those who find it helpful, it can be a lifesaver.

    Listen here Bedtime stories to help grown ups fall asleep in the deep, dark night.

    sleep with me podcast

    Sleep Meditation Podcast

    A sleep meditation podcast is a type of podcast that offers guided meditations and relaxation techniques that are specifically designed to help listeners fall asleep.

    These podcasts typically feature a soothing voice that guides the listener through calming exercises, such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or visualization.

    The purpose of a sleep meditation podcast is to help the listener relax and quiet their mind to fall asleep more easily. Many people find that incorporating meditation into their bedtime routine can help reduce anxiety and stress and promote better sleep hygiene.

    Some sleep meditation podcasts also incorporate elements of mindfulness or self-reflection, which can be beneficial for improving overall mental health and well-being. By focusing on the present moment and cultivating a sense of inner peace, listeners can better manage their emotions and cope with the challenges of daily life.

    Overall, a sleep meditation podcast can be a valuable tool for anyone who struggles with insomnia or other sleep disorders and those who want to improve their sleep quality and overall sense of well-being.

    Here are 19 best sleep meditation podcasts

    a scenery of man sleeping in front of water and moon in peaceful environment

    The Daily Meditation Podcast: 

    The Daily Meditation Podcast is an excellent option for those who want to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their bedtime routine. 

    Hosted by Mary Meckley, each episode offers a guided meditation that focuses on a different theme, such as gratitude, stress relief, or self-love. The soothing voice and calming music will help you relax and prepare for a restful night's sleep. Go here for your daily dose of meditation

    The daily meditation podcast

    Send Me To Sleep Podcast: 

    "Send Me To Sleep" is a popular podcast that features relaxing bedtime stories, guided meditations, and calming sleep sounds designed to help listeners fall asleep quickly and peacefully. Each episode is 45 minutes long and features a different soothing voice to help you relax and unwind before bed.

    The stories are a mix of original content and adaptations of classic literature, including fairy tales, fables, and short stories from authors like Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jane Austen. The guided meditations are designed to help you clear your mind and focus on your breathing, while the sleep sounds create a peaceful background ambiance to help you drift off to sleep.

    "Send Me To Sleep" is available on most podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Give it a try here if you're looking for a relaxing and calming way to ease yourself into a restful night's sleep.

    a woman is sleeping with podcast

    The Calm Pills Podcast: 

    "The Calm Pills Podcast" is a popular podcast that aims to help listeners relax, de-stress, and improve their overall well-being. Each episode is around an hour long and features ambient music, nature sounds, and soothing spoken word content designed to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere.

    The podcast is hosted by Michael McGovern, a composer and ambient and electronic music producer. McGovern uses his expertise in creating relaxing music to curate a unique listening experience that helps listeners unwind and let go of their worries.

    In addition to the calming music, each episode also features a spoken word section that includes inspirational quotes, mindfulness exercises, and guided meditations. These sections are designed to help listeners cultivate a positive and mindful mindset, which can be helpful for reducing stress and improving mental health.

     If you're looking for a relaxing and inspiring way to improve your well-being, give this podcast a try. "The Calm Pills Podcast" is available here.

    calm pills relaxing ambient music

    The Sleepyhead Podcast 

    The Sleepyhead Podcast is a popular sleep podcast with bedtime stories, guided meditations, and relaxation techniques designed to help listeners fall asleep. The podcast is hosted by Drew Ackerman, also known as "Dearest Scooter," who has a soothing voice and a talent for storytelling.

    Each episode of The Sleepyhead Podcast is around an hour long and includes a bedtime story designed to lull listeners into a peaceful sleep. The stories are a mix of original content and adaptations of classic literature, including fairy tales, fables, and short stories from authors like Jane Austen and Edgar Allan Poe.

    In addition to the bedtime stories, The Sleepyhead Podcast also features guided meditations and relaxation exercises to help listeners relax and let go of any stress or anxiety they may be feeling. The podcast is designed to be a calming and comforting presence for listeners, helping them to achieve a restful night's sleep.

    The Sleepyhead Podcast is available on most podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify, and Google. If you're looking for a soothing and comforting podcast to help you fall asleep, Listern here bedtime stories

    sleepyhead podcast

    Bedtime Stories for Adults Podcast: 

    "Bedtime Stories for Adults" is a popular podcast that provides calming and engaging stories to help listeners relax and fall asleep. Each episode features a different story, ranging from classic literature and fairy tales to more modern tales and original stories. The stories are narrated soothingly, focusing on pacing and inflection to create a calming and restful atmosphere.

    Many people find that listening to stories before bed helps them unwind and quiet their minds, making it easier to fall asleep. "Bedtime Stories for Adults" is an excellent option for anyone who enjoys listening to engaging stories and wants to improve their sleep hygiene. The podcast is available on most platforms, so it's easy to listen to on your phone or tablet as you prepare for bed.
    Read more here for the bedtime stories for adults podcast.

    a women is sleeping with bedtime sleeping podcast

    Guided Sleep Meditations Podcast: 

    "Guided Sleep Meditations" is a popular podcast designed to help listeners relax and fall asleep. Each episode features a different meditation, from mindfulness and body scan meditations to visualizations and breathing exercises.

    The meditations are typically narrated in a soothing voice, with gentle music or nature sounds in the background. These meditations help quiet the mind and relax the body, making it easier to drift off to sleep.

    Many people find that practicing meditation before bed can improve the quality of their sleep and help them wake up feeling refreshed and energized. "Guided Sleep Meditations" is an excellent option for anyone who wants to incorporate meditation into their bedtime routine and improve their sleep hygiene.

    Here you can check 5 Meditation Podcasts to Help You Fall Asleep at Night

    a women is sleeping tension free

    Sleep Whispers Podcast: 

    "Sleep Whispers" is a unique podcast that provides a variety of soothing and relaxing sounds to help listeners fall asleep. Each episode features a different theme, such as "whispered readings," "story time," or "relaxation ramble."

    The podcast host speaks softly and gently, using ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) techniques to create a calming and relaxing environment. Some episodes feature whispered readings of classic literature or poetry, while others offer gentle background noise like rainfall, ocean waves, or white noise.

    Go here for your Sleep Whispers Podcast

    sleep whispers

    Nothing much happens; bedtime stories for grown-ups: 

    Host Kathryn Nicolai shares calming bedtime stories with the intent of soothing listeners to sleep. The stories are gentle and calming, with just enough narrative to hold your interest without being too stimulating.

    All These podcasts can be found on popular platforms like Apple, Spotify, or Google. Be sure to explore different podcasts to find the one that resonates best with you and helps you get a restful night's sleep.

     Go here for Nothing Much Happens Bedtime stories.

    a man has bedtime story book in hands

    The Science Of Sleep: Podcasts that will educate and amaze you about the science of Sleep 

    Many podcasts explore various aspects of sleep, including sleep science, sleep hygiene, and relaxation techniques. Here's a list of 10 highly-regarded podcasts that can help you learn more about sleep:

    1. The Sleep Science Podcast: This podcast delves into the science behind sleep and explores various topics related to sleep health, offering expert insights, tips, and interviews with sleep researchers.
    2. The Sleep Doctor with Dr. Michael Breus: Dr. Michael Breus, a clinical psychologist and sleep specialist, shares practical advice, tips, and sleep science, as well as interviews with sleep experts.
    3. Sleep Talk: Hosted by sleep physicians Dr. David Cunnington and Dr. Moira Junge, this podcast explores various sleep-related topics, offering evidence-based information, advice, and interviews with sleep experts.
    4. Sleep Better with Dr. Bruce Darrow: Dr. Bruce Darrow, a sleep specialist, shares actionable tips, strategies, and insights to help listeners sleep better and understand the science behind sleep.
    5. All About Sleep: This podcast provides information on various aspects of sleep, from sleep disorders to sleep hygiene and sleep-related news, helping listeners better understand sleep's role in overall health and well-being.
    6. Sleep Matters: Hosted by sleep specialist Dr. Joseph Ojile, Sleep Matters covers many sleep-related topics, including sleep disorders, sleep tips, and expert interviews.
    7. The Science of Success: This podcast explores the science of personal development and peak performance, often discussing sleep and its effects on well-being and success.

    These podcasts can be found on popular platforms like Apple, Spotify, or Google. Listen to different podcasts to find the one that best suits your interests and helps you learn more about sleep.

    In conclusion, sleep podcasts provide an engaging and accessible way to learn more about the complex world of sleep and its impact on our overall health and well-being. 

    These podcasts cover various topics, from expert advice and scientific research to soothing stories and relaxation techniques, catering to a diverse audience with different needs and interests. 

    As our lives become busier and more demanding, sleep podcasts offer a valuable resource for individuals seeking to improve their sleep quality and understand the intricacies of this vital biological process. 

    Whether you're looking to optimize your sleep routine, create a relaxing bedtime atmosphere, or explore the fascinating science behind sleep, there's a podcast for you. So, plug in your headphones, unwind, and let the world of sleep podcasts guide you to better rest and a healthier lifestyle.

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