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  • Sleep Accessories for the perfect nights sleep

    8 min read

    couple lying under a black and white african designed blanket

    Your vital ingredients to a great night's sleep

    Exercise and eating healthy food are only half of the equation to being able to function normally from day to day. 

    What everyone needs to complete the equation is quality sleep. This means undisturbed or interrupted sleep for a sufficient amount of time that allows your body and mind to rest and reset while a new charge of energy is created for you to perform at your optimal level.

    Sleep is vital to good health, and many people don’t pay enough attention to how they sleep and what effect their sleep environment has on their overall health.

    Sleeping on the right bed that compliments your weight and size is an essential starting block, as is using a pillow that compliments your natural posture, keeping your spine in alignment.

    The results from studies on sleep focusing on the different sleep postures and the quality of sleep vary from person to person. The information from these studies has been used to create sleep accessories for each person to “tailor create” a sleep environment suited to their physique, including raspatory regulation for a more comfortable and peaceful sleep.

     Technological advancements have also played a part in sleep accessory development, especially with fiber technology used in mattresses, pillows, and bedding.

    You may find that small changes to your sleep accessories may have a large and positive impact on your overall quality of sleep, so, if anything, read on and give some thought to improving your sleep environment.

    Family in bed under and african mali mudcloth

    Sleeping with kids can be challenging for your nights sleep :)

    Sleep posture for a great night's sleep

    There are many different sleep positions, and most people use a few of them during the night but will ultimately begin their sleep with the one position they find most comfortable for them. To give you an idea of how varied sleep positions are, here is a list of the more common ones:

    • Sleep on your stomach—common in7% of people.
    • Freefall position. Sleeping on your stomach with your arms tucked under your pillow and your face turned to the side, which is normal for this position.
    • Sleeping on your back or supine position. It may cause lower backache in some people and exacerbate snoring and sleep apnea, but it is a good position because your ears, shoulders, and hips are aligned.
    • The soldier position - sleeping on your back with your arms b your side. Common in 8% of people.
    • Starfish position. Sleeping on your back with your arms over your head, Common in 5% of people.
    • Sleeping on your side or lateral sleeping. There are many good and bad points to sleeping on your side, such as snoring less, not good for arthritis as it will cause pain, may stress your breathing if you curl your legs up too much toward your chest, helps your brain to clear out waste faster, ages you faster with wrinkles, and women may develop sagging breasts, but this is to be scientifically proven.
    • Fetal position. Common in 41% of people.
    • The log position. Common in 15% of people. This is sleeping on your side with both arms by your side.
    • Yearner position. Sleeping on your side with your arms stretched out in front of you—Common in 13% of people.
    • Spooning position. A common position for a couple who sleep on their side and hold each other. This position excites your body to produce oxytocin, a stress-release hormone.

    Sleeping on your side has both advantages and disadvantages, and depending on your health, it may be better to sleep on your left side with some conditions and on your right side with other conditions. Sleeping on your left side reduces acid reflux, but your acid reflux will worsen if you shift to sleeping on your right side. However, sleeping on your right side is better for people with heart conditions.

    women sleeping soundly on her side

    An interesting study was conducted using 22 000 American and Japanese adults over ten years to measure the effect sleep had on personality. The big-five personality traits were used for the study, and the results showed that those who slept poorly became less conscientious throughout the study, while those who slept well were the least neurotic and the most extroverted.

    This study reveals that a good night’s rest in the sleep position(s) most comfortable for you will leave you feeling better in the morning. To add, sleep accessories are designed to help you improve the quality of your sleep and may also improve your preferred sleeping position. As you can see just from the sleep positions mentioned, it becomes an individual challenge to create the right sleep environment for yourself. 

    Sleep Accessories Beds and mattresses that will make going to sleep a dream

    A bed set consists of a base or platform and a mattress.

    Some bed sets have a matching base and mattress, while other types will have a designed platform made from wood, metal, or other materials, and the mattress is a separate purchase. The function of the base or platform is to keep your mattress straight and level while providing a height off the ground that makes it easy for you to get in and out of bed.

    Sleeping koala bear on branch

    Koala's can sleep in a tree, Humans not so much get a great mattress for a great nights sleep.

    Your mattress is an important investment and must compliment your preferred sleep positions but has to provide a firm yet comfortable space that accommodates the contours of your body and promotes natural body alignment. This is where sleep accessories become essential to quality sleep.

    The mattress you choose must be able to breathe and limit heat build-up that causes sweating, so the material and design of the mattress should be of concern to you. There are three basic types of mattresses, namely;

    • Innerspring mattress. This is the oldest and most popular mattress type and makes use of metal interlocked spring coils, but the firmness may not cater to the needs of some.
    • Memory foam mattress. Made from dense memory foam that softens under pressure and heat that takes the shape of your body. It limits the transfer of movement, provides pressure relief, and is great for couples. They are available in a range from soft to firm but to keep your sleep temperature just right you can look at cooling memory foam or gel memory foam. Some people may find the firmest memory foam mattress still too soft.
    • Hybrid mattress. A combination of innerspring and memory foam that benefits all sleep positions. A hybrid mattress can be more costly, and there is still the issue of it being too soft for some people.

    Selecting the right mattress for yourself can be tricky because you will only know if it’s right for you after you have slept on it a few times. It’s wise to shop where the store offers an exchange plan.

    To take your quality sleep to the next level, you could consider an adjustable bed that offers head and leg articulation. It provides relief from several sleep disorders like snoring, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea. Some adjustable beds come with USB ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, and backlighting that allows you to see in the dark. 

    A mattress topper will allow you to adjust the firmness of your mattress by either using a firm topper or the softer alternative. This is an extra layer is about 3 inches thick and makes a remarkable difference to the comfort level of your bed.

    Mould and mildew can cause serious raspatory issues, and a waterproof mattress protector is a must to guard against accidental spills and night sweat from seeping into your mattress. The protector, which has a breathable top, also prevents dust mites and bacteria from collecting in your mattress.   

    Pillows and your sleep pattern

    Pillows are essential for quality sleep as they help to keep your spine and body aligned.

    A thin pillow will suffice for back and stomach sleepers, but side sleepers will need a thicker pillow to keep your head aligned with your body; otherwise, you will end up with neck pains. Like mattresses, there are a variety of different pillow types to suit all sleep positions.

    • Down pillow
    • Down alternative pillow
    • Feather pillow
    • Cotton pillow
    • Latex pillow
    • Memory foam pillow
    • Shredded memory foam pillow
    • Bamboo pillow
    • Gel pillow
    • Polyester pillow
    • Buckwheat pillow
    • Microbead pillow

    women waking up and stretching after a good night sleep

    As you can see from the list, there is a pillow to match every type of sleep position. Pillows are not only used to support your head while you sleep but are also used to support your legs in different ways. You can tuck a pillow between your legs to limit developing backache when sleeping on your side if you sleep on your stomach. It’s a good idea to place a pillow just below your knees as this helps to reduce strain on your lower back.

    Besides head and limb support, pillows also regulate heat, but the right pillow must be selected to meet your requirements. A down pillow, for example, will retain heat and may cause overheating, whereas Most memory foam pillows are breathable and disperse body heat. Gel pillows are the best option to minimize heat build-up, which reduces sweating.

    A dual-purpose pillow is an alternative source of support and comfort as it has both a firm and a soft side to it. It is made from memory foam and does not retain heat due to its unique construction. It’s the ideal pillow for combination sleepers who sleep both on their side and back. In both cases, your neck is supported and kept in alignment with your body. There are two different loft sizes to choose from that will accommodate most body types for optimum support.

    Blankets and sheets cuddle up to a great nights sleep<

    Here again, there is a wide variety of linen to choose from, and no matter your personal preference, there are blankets, duvets, and sheets that will match your needs.

    The Allseasons Blanket is dual-sided and is perfect for all seasons. For colder temperatures, one side has a soft polar fleece material, and for warmer climates, the other side is made from polyester with ultra-high molecular weight to disperse heat faster and prevent overheating.

    women sitting on the side of a bed wrapped in mali mudcloth throw

    Duvets and sheets are made from a combination of lightweight fibers like polyester, which is blended with cotton and other fibers to ensure they are breathable and will keep you warm and snug without overheating.

    Blankets are made in the same way, and the choices available will astound you. Duvets, sheets, and blankets come in different sizes to fit each bed size right up to a king-size bed.

    Quality nights sleep is great for your health

    Quality sleep is vital to good health, and care must be taken in creating the best sleeping environment to suit your needs. The information provided in this article is a condensed guide that highlights the many considerations options that will help to improve the quality of your sleep.

    If you have any underlying medical or sleep conditions, it is best to discuss your sleep space and routine with your doctor or a specialist who can advise you on what will be best for your needs.

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