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  • 25 Unique and Inexpensive Blanket Storage Ideas

    7 min read

    a blanket spread on sofa

    Keep your cozy throws organized and easy-to-reach with these 25 creative blanket storage ideas - low cost yet full of style!

    Storing blankets in your home can be fun and easy by simply using a little of your creative genius, which may look like you've had help from an interior decorator.

    Storage space is always a contentious issue in any home. We tend to store items at random, believing that it's temporary. 

    But as we all know, it's hardly ever the case. Many of us will look for the first available space to store our blankets if our linen closet is already bursting at the seams. 

    Sure, it's a great temporary solution, but is it practical? No.

    Being organized is often seen as the epitome of cleanliness, which, as they say, is next to godliness. But being a perfectionist is different than the goal with blanket storage, which should be seen as a great use of the limited space in your home. 

    You have more than enough space in your home to neatly store all your blankets; that will be practical and may even free up some space for items to be randomly stored out of sight at a moment's notice.

    I'm sure you're intrigued to discover how to create storage space out of thin air.

     Consider these 25 innovative blanket storage ideas for your home. They are practical, but more importantly, they are easy, affordable, and look great - keeping your blankets stored away in style.

    pink blanket throw is on the sofa

    Innovative blanket storage ideas

    Good-quality blankets are a blessing and contribute significantly to your sleep quality, so it's only fair that they are properly stored when not in use. Most blankets will be stored for at least a season or two, but you may need them sooner than expected. Here are some awesome storage options for you to try. 

    1. Wall-mounted baskets

    Using wall-mounted baskets is a great way to store your blankets while creating a modern aesthetic in any room. Woven baskets with intricate patterns will look great on the wall. You can theme the baskets by hanging a few baskets at different heights to create a unique look. Besides blankets, you can also store extra pillows and throws in them.

    2. Create space-saving corner shelves.

    Corner shelves are a great way to maximize storage space. Install a few corner shelves in your closets and other unused nooks. You can use small fabric bins or organizational cubes with lids to organize the blankets and keep them out of sight.

    3. Over the door, hanging rack or hangers.

    An over-the-door hanging rack or hangers are a great storage solution for light but bulky blankets. You can hang these on the back of your closet door to keep your blankets neatly stored but easily accessible. These racks can also store other items, a nifty way to create additional storage in tight spaces.

    Over-the-door hangers come in a large variety of styles and sizes. Some have shelves, drawers, and even baskets for additional storage, making them ideal for storing bedding. They're easy to install, and many can hold up to 25 pounds, ideal for bulky items.

    blankets hanging on the door

    4. Under-bed storage boxes or containers

    Many of us have free space under our beds that we can put to good use. Airtight storage bins with lids are ideal for this purpose. They can be labeled for easy identification and slipped under your bed for quick retrieval. Your stored blankets will not get coated in dust, and you can always air them out occasionally.

    5. Repurpose existing dresser drawers. 

    Get creative with your storage space by repurposing your existing dresser drawers. Line the bottom of each drawer with fabric liners and stash blankets inside. Not only does this keep your blankets neatly stored, but it also offers a sassy and minimalistic decorative touch to the décor. You could label and organize the drawers to keep track of different items stored in the drawers.

    6. Chest of drawers 

    A chest of drawers is a great way to store blankets, especially if you have a more extensive collection. You may have the space for a new or refurbished chest of drawers, which will immediately solve your storage space dilemma. A unit with deep drawers will be a winner, so you won't have to struggle with your bulky blankets.

    blanket stored in chest of drawer

    7. Closet Shelves

    It would help if you remembered the times you've "reorganized your closets and ended up with a big of clothing you haven't worn for ages and probably never will again. If you're looking for storage space, then it's time to organize your closet space. You'll be amazed at how much free space you can free up! Use this space in your closet to neatly stack and store your blankets.

    8. Ottomans with storage 

    Ottomans with hinged lids provide an attractive and functional way to store blankets. They are neat furniture items that can be used in most rooms and offer enough storage space for your favorite blankets.

    a cat is sitting on the ottoman storage

    9. Baskets as Blanket Storage

    Woven baskets placed strategically in your home can be a stylish and practical way to store blankets, mainly if you have limited closet space. You could have two or three baskets in your living room for your throws. You can fold them up neatly and drape the top one over the side of the basket for a homely feel.

    10. Wall-mounted shelves 

    Easy-to-install wall-mounted shelves can be a lifesaver when you need storage space. A spare room wall will be ideal for storing blankets and other linens.

    11. Foot-of-the-bed storage 

    A storage bench or trunk at the foot of your bed can look stylish, especially if you drape an eye-catching throw over it. It provides heaps of storage space; you can have one for every bedroom.  

    12. Decorative boxes

    Decorative boxes can be a beautiful way to store your blankets while keeping them within reach. This is a delightful way to spruce up your décor and add some color to your room.

    13. Bookcases

    Use the bottom shelves of your bookcase to store your blankets or decorative boxes on the shelves. You could create a well-spaced cascading effect of colorful boxes as bookends.

    a white color blanket is on sofa bed

    14. Cube organizers

    Cube organizers can be a great way to store and organize your blankets, mainly if you have limited closet space.

    15. Armchairs with storage

    Armchairs with built-in storage compartments can be a great way to store your blankets while keeping them within reach.

    16. Window seat

    A window seat can provide a cozy spot to store your blankets while enjoying the view. This will work in the same way as a storage trunk at the end of your bed. Building a window seat will be a fun weekend DIY project. Best of all, your window seat is functional and practical.

    a blanket is on back of window seat

    17. Bunk bed trunks

    Bunk bed trunks are great for the kid's rooms and can be used for blankets, linens, and plush toys.

    18. Wall-mounted hooks

    Wall-mounted hooks are a quick and easy fix to hang your blankets and keep them within reach. It may look homely, but you risk stretching the fabric of your blankets, so take care about which type of blanket you hang on the hooks.

    19. Floating shelves

    Floating shelves can be a great way to store your blankets while keeping them within reach and saving floor space. This is another weekend DIY project you can tackle. Because the shelves will specifically store lightweight blankets, you can install the shelves a little higher up in your spare room.

    20. Laundry room shelving

    Use shelving in your laundry room to store your clean and folded blankets. Add extra shelving higher up for light blankets and linen.

    a woman is carrying blanket out of washing machine

    21. Blanket ladders

    Blanket ladders are a unique way to store several blankets or throws. You can get creative with the blanket colors and designs to blend into your décor or make a bold statement with your display.

    blanket on the ladder for storage purpose

    22. Vacuum pack your blankets

    If you intend to store your blankets for longer than a few months, vacuum bags for individual blankets will free up much extra space. This could work well with the space above your closet or storage boxes you'd keep under your bed.

    23. Linen closet

    Reorganize your linen closet into compartments and free up some space. Read our tips and tricks to organize your linen closet. Sounds easy. Trust us; you'll love these ideas.

    24. Wall rails

    If you have free space on the walls in your bedrooms, install a beautiful rail in each room to create a themed, on-the-go storage facility for one or two blankets. On those chilly nights when you need an extra blanket for added warmth, it's right at your fingertips. Wall rails are a better option than wall hooks, as the weight of your blanket is spread over the rail.

    25. Old refurbished timber storage boxes

    Refurbished timber chests have a patina that is very similar to aged leather. There is always a story begging to be told. You can use these timber chests in any room in your home. A wooden chest makes a welcoming feature in the front door or living room hallway to accentuate your décor.

    Many more blanket storage ideas will help you get closer to godliness. Just kidding, but I'm sure you get the picture. It's all about organizing and using available space to its fullest potential. 

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