Woolen Blankets By Thula Tula

Kobo Ke Bophelo (The blanket is life)

Sustainably and ethically crafted in South Africa, our range of thick woolen blankets are designed made, and used for more than 140 years in the windswept highlands of the Lesotho nation and around Africa where they used not only in Basotho tribal rituals but on a daily basis from the king of Lesotho to the mountain herd boys. where the blanket quite literally "is life". These thick woolen blankets keep the elements of the harshest climates at bay. Each wool Basotho blanket is not only lovingly, ethical, and sustainably crafted at our mill in Randfontein, South Africa that creates well-paid, meaningful, and empowering work for the surrounding community but each and every blanket sold provides us with the opportunity to provide "Water and Warmth" to schools in Lesotho and South Africa    

Story of the Basotho Blanket

Kobo Ke Bophelo (The blanket is life)

The Basotho Blanket has deep cultural and historical meaning to the people of Lesotho, a small landlocked country in Southern Africa. The blanket is woven into the culture and fabric of the Basotho nation. The blanket is used in all aspects of Basotho life, traditional ceremonies and celebrations from childbirth to weddings, As rites of passage to manhood and many more. The blanket is seen as a symbol of the mountain kingdom as Lesotho is affectionately known. To find out more about the rich history of these heirloom blankets

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Soft & Warm

Heirloom Quality Buttery Soft & Cozy for Ultimate Comfort

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Weather Resistant

Made with Thick, Tight Weave to Repel Wet, Cold & Dirt

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Machine Wash

Easy to Clean

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Made from the Finest Dirt and Mite Resitant Merino Wool & Microfiber