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  • 20 Great Ideas For Blanket Storage: Stylish, Practical, and Space-Saving Solutions

    7 min read

    Blanket storage Ideas

    20 great ideas to Maximizing Space: Storage Ideas for Blankets in smaller homes

    Blankets are essential in every home, yet storing them can be challenging, especially in smaller spaces.

    Plenty of stylish, practical, and space-saving blanket storage solutions can suit any home decor style. You can keep your home organized, clutter-free, and cozy by getting a little creative.

    You will be intrigued to discover how to create stylish storage space for your blankets that won’t make a dent in your budget. All you need is to think practically and get creative.

    Let’s dive in and discuss 20 fabulous ideas complementing your home décor. 

    Ladder Shelf

    A ladder shelf, also known as a blanket ladder, is a unique way to store several blankets or throws using minimum space. A ladder shelf is a stylish vertical storage solution that allows you to drape blankets over the rungs while adding visual interest to your space. 

    Create your decorative blanket ladder with a few simple materials. All you need is 2x4s, dowels, and glue. Cut the wood pieces to the size you choose and use wood glue to assemble them into a ladder-like shape.

    Drill evenly spaced holes in the sides for dowels to hang blankets from. If you want to paint or stain it for a finished look, add multiple coats before using it in your home.

    This DIY blanket ladder will keep your blankets organized and protected from dust, adding a stylish, rustic touch to any room. Not to mention, this project is easy enough for anyone to put together in the afternoon. 

    Depending on the size and weight of your blankets, you may need to add some extra support or anchors if you plan on hanging many items on the ladder. But once it’s built and in place, you can enjoy your new ladder’s additional storage space.

    Storage Ottoman

    A storage ottoman is a comfortable place to sit or rest your feet while providing hidden storage for your blankets. Ottomans with hinged lids provide an attractive and functional way to store blankets. They are universal and can be used in most rooms. The beauty is that most ottomans have ample storage space for their prized blankets.

    Woven Baskets

    Woven baskets placed strategically in your home can be a stylish and practical way to store blankets. Large woven baskets are a versatile and attractive storage option for blankets.

    Choose baskets that complement your décor. Fold your blankets neatly and store them in the basket, except for one you will drape over the side of the basket. Be sure to choose a blanket or throw that adds to the aesthetics of your décor.

    Under-Bed Storage

    Many of us have free space under our beds that we can put to good use. Utilize this space by adding storage containers or drawers specifically designed for this purpose.

    This is an excellent space-saving solution for storing extra blankets. Investing in some storage boxes is a great way to conveniently store blankets without sacrificing floor space.  

    Storage bins with lids are ideal for this purpose. They can be labeled for easy identification and slipped under your bed for easy access. You can also use fabric bins, which will look neater and be easier on your feet if you bump into them while making the bed.

    Wall Hooks

    Wall-mounted hooks are a quick and easy fix for your blankets. Install decorative wall hooks in your living room or bedroom to hang your blankets. This will add a touch of style while keeping them within easy reach.

    Blanket Rack

    A freestanding blanket rack offers a practical, elegant solution for displaying and storing your blankets. If your blankets are too voluminous for a ladder, try using freestanding shelves and cabinets.

    This is an excellent solution if you have a dedicated storage room or corner that could do with an update. Many options are designed specifically to hold blankets, from media consoles and armoires to shelving units and cubbyholes. Get creative with the design elements and colors so it looks chic and stylish in your home.

    When selecting your pieces, look for plenty of open shelving or cubbyholes to store your blankets easily. Try a model with closed cabinets and open shelves if you need more space.

    That way, you can stow away bulky items while still having easy access to smaller throws. You can also hide blankets or off-season bedding behind cabinet doors while keeping the most decorative ones visible.

    Storage Bench

    A storage bench or trunk at the foot of your bed can look stylish, especially if you drape an eye-catching throw over it. It provides heaps of storage space; you can have one for every bedroom. A storage bench will also provide a convenient place to sit, a bonus! 

    Built-in Shelves

    Built-in shelves or cubbies can be an efficient way to store and display your blankets while maximizing the use of wall space. There are many inexpensive yet stylish types of easy-to-install wall-mounted shelves. A spare room wall will be ideal for storing blankets and other linens.

    Floating shelves can be a great way to store your blankets while keeping them within reach and saving floor space. You can install the shelves higher up for lightweight blankets to avoid a cluttered look.

    Over-the-Door Organizer

    An over-the-door organizer is a great storage solution for light but bulky blankets. You can hang these on the back of your closet door to keep your blankets neatly stored but easily accessible. These racks can also be used to store other items.

    Over-the-door organizers come in a large variety of styles and sizes. Some have shelves, drawers, and even baskets for additional storage, making them ideal for storing bedding. 

    You can hang an over-the-door organizer with multiple pockets in your bedroom or closet to store smaller blankets and throws. The vertical design allows plenty of compartments to hold large throw blankets, and the hangers easily slide along the doorframe when you need more room.

    You can even add hooks to the pockets so you have a place to hang mittens and hats during the winter months.

    This storage solution is beneficial for small bedrooms that don’t offer much closet space. You can find over-door organizers made from various fabrics, including mesh pockets and quilted fabric pockets. Plenty of fun designs and colors so that you can add some style to your storage solution too.

    Rolling Storage Cart

    A rolling storage cart with shelves can be a versatile solution for storing blankets, allowing you to move them from room to room quickly. This is the perfect solution for homes where space is limited.

    Behind-the-Couch Storage

    If you have space between your couch and the wall, use it for blanket storage. You can use a slim storage bin or a decorative trunk to keep your blankets away. You could even store your under-bed storage bins (with lids) on their side.

    Hanging Closet Organizer

    Utilize vertical space in your closet by adding a hanging organizer with multiple compartments for storing your blankets.

    You may have to reinforce your closet rail or install a dedicated one if your closet is deep enough.

    Stacked Suitcases

    Vintage suitcases can be stacked to create a unique and functional storage solution for your blankets. This could be themed into your bedroom, living room, or even your front porch at your front door.

    Wall-Mounted Baskets

    Using wall-mounted baskets is a stylish way to store your blankets while creating a modern aesthetic in any room. Woven baskets with intricate patterns will look great on the wall. You can theme the baskets by hanging a few baskets at different heights to create a unique look. Besides blankets, you can also store extra pillows and throws in them.

    Wall-mounted baskets or wire organizers are both practical ways to store and display your blankets in a stylish and easily accessible manner.

    The open-air design keeps them easily accessible, so you can grab one when settling down on the sofa or tucking in for bed.

    Baskets made from wire mesh with wood framing provide a rustic touch, while woven wicker baskets with handles add boho charm. Try stainless-steel racks with adjustable hooks if you want something sleek and modern.

    Storage Chest

    A storage chest or trunk at the foot of your bed or in your living room can provide ample storage space for your blankets and serve as a decorative piece.

    Wooden Crates

    Stack wooden crates horizontally or vertically to create a rustic storage solution for your blankets. You can also store loads of other items in them and free up some much-needed space.

    Decorative Trunk

    Decorative trunks can store blankets and double as a stylish coffee table or accent piece in your living space. You could use a cut-to-size piece of thick glass for a modern touch if it’s a flat top trunk. 

    Repurposed Coat Rack

    A repurposed coat rack in your foyer can be used to hang blankets, creating a visually exciting and easily accessible storage solution. This will be ideal for your indoor/outdoor throws.

    Quilt Hanger

    Install a quilt hanger on your wall to display your favorite blanket while keeping it within easy reach. It’s become trendy to display beautifully designed quilts and blankets, especially if there is a story behind the designs and colors.

    Behind-the-Door Hooks

    Install hooks on the back of a door to hang your blankets, using otherwise wasted space. Remember to keep it simple and neat, so it always looks purpose-orientated and not because you’re trying to find storage space. 

    Well, there you have 20 ideas to create a storage place for your blankets, quilts, and throws that won’t cost much but will significantly impact the space available in your home. You could try many more ideas that may suit your specific needs. 

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