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Basotho Heritage Blankets

Kobo Ke Bophelo (The blanket is life)

Snuggle up in warmth and comfort in the traditional Basotho Heritage blanket. With It’s unique blend of Merino wool, microfiber, and century old traditional weave construction that gives it an ultra-soft, toasty warm touch and feel that will soon replace every blanket you own.

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Italian Trulli

Buttery Soft

Super Soft Weave

Italian Trulli

toasty warm

Made Thick to Repel Wet & Cold

Italian Trulli


Heirloom Quality Comfy Wool

Italian Trulli


Finest Microfiber & Merino wool

The blanket to rule all blankets

Designed and handmade in South Africa.

Not just a blanket, these are heirlooms. They are made to last for generations to come and have deep cultural significance and history to the people of Lesotho. They are sustainably and ethically handcrafted in South Africa with the blessing of the Basotho Nation. They are naturally hypoallergenic, and each has its unique history and story.

Ethically crafted with your comfort in mind

All our blankets are sustainably and ethicallycrafted in South Africa with consent from the Basotho Nation. Our factory is in its 66th year and is 4th generation family-owned and operated.

They are the industry leader in utilizing low-impact and socially responsible practices. They are the sole exclusive producer of the Basotho heritage blankets with consent from the Basotho Nation.