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  • Cotton Blankets from Thula Tula

    Super soft and sustainably made in South Africa

    Thula Tula presents a unique collection of cotton blankets made with traditional African weaving techniques. These beautiful blankets are lightweight, soft, and perfect for curling up on the couch after a long day at work. Plus, they add a touch of elegance to any living space or bedroom with their bright colors and intricate designs. And best of all, they're machine-washable so you can keep them looking fresh!

    Bursting with Tradition and Culture

    Soft, Beautifully woven, Cozy & lightweight

    Throw away those cold nights – wrap yourself in the warmth of Thula Tula's beautifully crafted cotton blankets. Forget about rough textures and bulky fabrics – these blankets are as comfortable as they come! Not only will you be keeping stylishly warm but also doing it consciously – each blanket supports ethical employment and economic growth in South Africa where it is woven by local artisans using age-old weaving methods.

    Shop now our selection of gorgeous handmade Thula Tula blankets - don't wait until we run out stock !