Gorgeous ways to Really Impress Your House Guests

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Gorgeous ways to Really Impress You House Guests leopard print African savannah throw on beautiful bed

11 Easy Ways To Impress Your House Guests

The phrase “home is where the heart is” means different things to different people but it essentially means that you have the deepest affection for your own home.

Your home tells a story about you and paints a picture of what you hold most dear to your heart.

Personalizing that homely warmth with a sense of welcome for your friends or guests is what will impress them and make them feel at home, but they might be smitten with a touch of envy too.

We’ve selected a few awesome Instagram posts that showcase Thula Tula blankets and throws and because we’re proud of our products we have decided to share these impressive creations with you.

1. our.cozy.white.home breaks the black and white mold with a leopard print throw.

A black wall and a soft white duvet over the bed begs for a dash of color and the leopard print throw was a fine choice. It brings the softness of the bed to life. Using the throw on the corner of the bed breaks geometric lines and softens the overall image of an already comfortable-looking bed. Animal print throws attract attention and when their softness is felt you know you’ll know just how much you’ve impressed another guest.


2.beigewhitegray from Houston Texan shared this beautiful neutral setting.

These brush strokes throw draped neatly over the seat of the couch, supported by large color-coded cushions that break the monotony of single colors and hard geometric shapes. The mixture of fabric textures is aesthetically pleasing with the brush strokes print design being the focal point. It’s easy to restyle after use making it a practical addition to any setting.


 3. jessicabelteau from Orange County California enjoys simplistic comfort.

Using the solid black bed frame with matching side table frames the soft comfort of the bed and this trend continues with the wooden picture frames matching the folded throw on the bed.

In this case, the subtle use of flow using soft colors firmly framed in black is enhanced with the use of the same color combination scatter cushions. Great creativity that oozes comfort.


4. repurposelife.nicole from Fort Wayne Indiana loves her safe space.

Don’t we all have that one place in our home that we pay meticulous attention to?

Ideally set in front of those large windows, the chairs grab your attention but the casually draped black and white striped throw tends to bring natural shapes into the space and leads your eye to the stunning black top coffee table.

It’s hard to resist, so good luck with the kids.

5. ourlittletosahouse from Wauwatosa Wisconsin breaks the rules.

Décor rules are more a guide than they are fixed rules; besides, when it comes to being creative there are no rules. The continuity from wall to African Zebra throw to chair to rug is a nice touch because the beautifully finished wooden floor creates unique open spaces that give the impression of a larger room.  

 6. ourlittletosahouse from Wauwatosa Wisconsin giveaway.

What a great giveaway! Keeping houseplants in your bedroom for fresh air is ingenious. It goes hand in hand with the natural characteristics of your Merino Wool Basotho Heritage Blanket which will keep you naturally warm and comfortable during the colder months. The design and color of the Basotho Heritage Blanket is a conversation starter on its own but to impress your guests learn a bit about these amazing blankets.


7. @chalovescafe used a gift to inspire others.

Throws are a great accessory to stylishly round off different décor settings in your home. They add texture and a splash of color to otherwise open spaces around your home that may have looked dull or uninviting. As mentioned, there are no firm rules on how to style throws and every home like every person is unique. The design, color, and texture of the throw you choose will define your personality in some way.

 8. @emm_interiors from Chicago, Illinois gives away winter warmth. 

Protea pinstripe throws to represent the national flower of South Africa and is available in a range of colors that will blend into most décor styles, turning the space into a masterpiece that some will want to admire instead of using. Casually draped over the arm of a chair, these throws will draw attention and their softness will be revealed.

9. @_yosemite_haus_arrowhead from Lake Arrowhead California presents the perfect picture. 

Simplicity around a warm fireplace in the Livingroom of a cabin tucked away in the mountains allows so much room for the imagination to go wild. Nothing is overdone and everything you see has a practical purpose. I’m sure you will notice that both single chairs have their throw while the couch boasts a fitting design against a light background that compliments the space. Guests may not want to leave until summer comes around.

10. @meganzeitz brings colorful street murals to life. 

The colors and raw brick texture are a reminder of some of the great street graffiti artists of our concrete era.

Contrasting colors that repel each other instead of blending into a uniformed whole can be fixed by breaking the shapes down and of course by adding more color that compliments the opposing color scheme.

The Ndebele throw stems from the designs and colors used to paint the outside of their home and low garden walls. The yellow sofa and pink wall feature in the throw and give a sense of a color cascade that invites you in. 


 @findingpaola has a different take on colorful spaces. 

With this, we come full circle with a clearer understanding of the phrase “home is where the heart is”.

Color guides emotions and the many colors of nature from green foliage to the bright plumage of rainforest birds to blue sky and glowing sunsets all impact us in different ways.

Our home is a collection of memories that we all try and recreate in our special way but everything remains part of the bigger picture of life itself.

Steve Watts
Steve Watts

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